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Secrets of successful students

No description

Lynette Lo

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Secrets of successful students

Secrets of a successful student . . .
Pair Share
Introduce yourself to your neighbor (name, hometown, favorite sport)
For you, how has college been different from high school?
And it all starts with . . . Time
In the classroom - structured and focused
Studying - self-directed and foundational
Testing - pressured but rewarding
Test Taking
Ask for information about the exam (concepts, topics, or ideas you should spend more time studying)
Ask for old exams
Work with a study group
Start earlier than you think!
Other Academic Skills
Get to know and connect with your professor(s)
Attend class - you are paying for it!!
Form Study Groups
Use Tutoring
Stay healthy & find balance
Jobs - start gradually
Utilize technology - myHomework Student Planner app
Take classes you like!
Who are we?
Where do we work?
What can we offer you??
YOU are the core of your success!!
What? When? Where?
What . . . needs to get done?
Prioritize your "To Do" Lists
When . . . consistency helps (use daytime hours too)
Where . . . limit interruptions and distractions
Get ready for classes
Read over your notes
Look over the chapter
Go to class with questions
After classes
Review as soon as possible (ASAP)
Summarize in your own words
If you can explain it to someone else . . . you KNOW the material

What do I already know?
What do I want to know?
What do I need to know?
Seek out explanations from . . .

There are many layers to being a successful college student and athlete . . .
Uni-Tasking is the way to go!!
Aaron Koepke
Student Life Office
149 Graff Main Hall
I learned "balance" the hard way and want to help you find an easier path!
Charlene Holler
Counseling and Testing Center
2106 Centennial
Tips to reinforce your learning across the curriculum
Lynette Prieur Lo
Student Support Services (TRiO)
2131 Centennial Hall
Lots of connections!! I've been on campus (on and off) since 1983~~Uff da that makes me older than I want to claim to be!!
How can I improve my Study Skills?
Murphy Learning Center/The Writing Center
Student Life Office
Counseling and Testing
Student Support Services (SSS - TRiO)
Academic Advising Center
So many options to assist you . . .
What to Expect . . .
Your teammates
Faculty and Staff
Other students
Questions or Observations?
Here's an app that can help you with time management . .
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