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Independence Party Of Canada-Najette Omran

No description

Najette Omran

on 20 March 2012

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Transcript of Independence Party Of Canada-Najette Omran

Maximum Minimum Counte Total 205 67 8 839,56 Our Platform Against Same Sex Marriage Stronger Immigration Laws Maintain the leaglization of cannabis More authority to the police-austere punishments Bill C-30 Less funding for Attawapiskat By:Najette 3 Primary Issues Immigration qualifacations Crisis in Attawapiskat Legalization of Cannabis Immigration Qualifacations Crisis in Attawapiskat Legalization of Cannabis Dangerous- having people under the influence Will not solve gang violence Stop the problem before manifests into
something bigger. More authority to police $90 million has already been given The money is not being used appropriatley The reserve needs to become more responsible ( with it's people and money) The reserve needs to be more independent-not rely on gouvenement Our Party Right -winged political party For the independence of the individuals Individuals and communities should not rely on government for support
Immigrants need to be more independent when immigrating to another Country
They must be financially doing well and properly educated
If one lacks financial support, they will have to depend on the government
We are against that; we believe that immigrants need to be independent and provide them selves with what they need instead of relying on the government for support. Bill C-30 Provides safety for our selves and children
Gives the police more authority and provides them with information that can help reduce crime Lets people feel more safe
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