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on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of "Emma"

"The Jane Austen Book Club"
Emma vs Jocelyn

Strong independent women
Emma is responsible for her father and Jocelyn is not married and lives alone.
Don't give in to pressures of marrying but are open to it if they find love.

Importance of "blood lines"
Emma and Harriet. Important factor in relationships with individuals.
Jocelyn and her dogs. She describes some blood lines as "more valuable". Matriarchal breed.
Manipulative Nature
Constant need of being in control
control over Harriet, dictates the course of her love life.
will only marry for love.
has had some control over Sylvia's love life. "Gave" Sylvia David (her ex-husband) after she dated him first.
Setting Grigg and Sylvia up.
Breeds dogs so she can be in control and "obeyed".
Blindness to Love
Only realize their own feelings and what they want when someone else has it. the "Triangulation" phenomena
Blind to her own feelings only realizes she loves Mr Knightley when Harriet says that she does. She only "becomes acquainted to her own heart" (320) then.
Realizes that she likes Grigg when he starts giving Sylvia attention

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