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Abortion Laws in Minnesota

public service desplay

danielle thompson

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Abortion Laws in Minnesota

By: Danielle Thompson
hour 6 Abortion Laws
in Minnesota Abortion is a state of Minnesota level issue Abortion is the removal of an embryo
in order to end a pregnancy. In Jamestown, they used a representative democracy because there was a lot of people in a large area of space. Also, most of them were farmers, so if they had to go to a meeting and be away from their crops for a while, they would lose a lot of money. the different sides of abortion: In Minnesota, we use a representative democracy because there are too many people in Minnesota to have them all meet up in one place to discuss something. Pro-life: when a person believes that
the government has an obligation to preserve
all human life, regardless of intent, viability,
or quality-of-life concerns.
(against abortion) Pro-choice: when a person believes that
individuals should have unlimited autonomy
with respect to their own
reproductive systems as long as they do not
breach the autonomy of others.
(in favor of abortion) if you are pro-life, it prohibits:
•Euthanasia and assisted suicide
•The death penalty
•War, with very few exceptions. if you are pro-choice, these should remain legal;
•Celibacy and abstinence
•Contraception use
•Emergency contraception use
•Abortion, for the first two trimesters of pregnancy
•Childbirth. The current policy on abortion is that it is legal in most countries, but only in certain circumstances. Abortion is allowed in 97% of all countries in order to save a woman's life. 67% of all countries allow it if it is to preserve physical health or mental health. Abortion in the case of rape is accepted in about 49% of all countries. Having an abortion because of economic or social reasons is legal in 34% of all countries. And having an abortion only on the basis of a woman's request is allowed in 29% of all countries. It is very important to debate
the issue of abortion, because
there are good things
about it, and bad things. Pro-choice activists are quick to say that telling a woman that an abortion is wrong is imposing on her rights as a woman. While fighting for her right to chose, they ignore her when she is hurting and really needs help.
Pro-life activists are quick to cry in outrage that babies are being killed. However, they need to realize that the baby is not the only victim in an abortion, the mother is as well. The difference is that the baby does not live to regret it. My solution to the issue of abortion is that if a woman wants an abortion and has a good reason to get one, then she should be able to. To determine if her reason for an abortion is good, we should have a group of women who are in charge of this determination. Why should men be able to chose what's best for women? This would solve the problem because both pro-life and pro-choice women would have a say in it.
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