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Devon Wood

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Competition

COMPETITION What is Competition?
Competition is in business, a state of rivalry among sellers of the same or similar product, in which each seller tries to gain a larger share of a market to increase profits Historical Increase

In the early 1990's, nike would continuously come out with new sneakers in which people would buy.
but adidas would do the same thing as nike. thus creating competition.
depending on the price and which shoe looked cooler or was more comfortable would determine the amount of shoes sold.
during this time nike was more popular then adidas so i feel that the release of new adidas only increased the selling of nike shoes. Historical Decrease
gas prices have been known to change frequently through out time
the lower the price, the more costumers you'll recieve
whether it's cheaper by 1 cent or 10 cents, people will go to where ever is cheaper

Contemporary Increase
ford and chevy have always been huge competitors
they both have similar trucks, similar cars, and similar vans
which make you buy can depend on several things
better gas milage, lower price, and personal preference
Contemporary Decrease
the creation of the ipod lowered the amount of mp3's sold by a huge number
the ipod did everything an mp3 didnt and was around the same price
its easier to put music on the ipod and much sleeker then any other mp3
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