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Civil War mind map

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Mehdi Charioui

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Civil War mind map

Confederate Victories Union victories Civil war Strategy Leadership Results Mehdi Charioui Mind Map Lincoln Ulysses S. Grant Robert E. Lee Lincoln's main ambition during the war was simply keeping the Union together. This was above all else to him. You can see this fact by noticing that nearly all the border states that stayed in the North (especially Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri) were allowed to keep their slaves because he knew they would also secede if he abolished slavery in ALL the states. This is why he only abolished slavery in the rebelling states. When generals didn't work out the North went through several before finding Grant, he would replace them quickly because he knew they couldn't slack any or else the Union might fall apart. . he was a great leader no matter what he was persistent and stuck to his overall plan to preserve the Union no matter what. General Robert E. Lee embodied the typical things that you look for most in a leader. He "lead the way," he "inspired a shared vision," He challenged the bigger and stronger north. He inspired others to join him and enabled them to act. He showed innovation on the battle field. He adapted to his surroundings and while usually outnumbered managed to prolong the worst and most costliest war in terms of American deaths that America has ever seen. Gettysburg Vicksburg It was the turning point in the war. It was the furthest north the Confederate Army got. It stopped the Confederacy from moving onto Philadelphia or NY or going back South to Washington DC. the Battle of Antietam was that the North was able to stop Lee's first invasion of the North, although at great cost. Lee, outnumbered nearly three to one, held his lines after the battle, and then returned to Virginia. It was the bloodiest day in American history The First Battle of Bull Run was one of the first major battles that resulted in large armies facing one another and serious bloodshed. it shattered the Union's hope of winning the Civil War quickly and easily. It was an indication to the Union that this would be a long and bloody war.
First Battle of Bull Run Battle of Chancellorsville The Battle of Chancellorsville was important because it was an attempt by the Union forces to seize the Confederate capital of Richmond,Virginia. But the attempt failed with the victory of the Confederates led by Gen. Robert E. Lee. It was considered Lee's perfect battle. North South Anaconda Plan:
Naval Blockade
Cut south in half Crush the south quickly War of attrition Capture D.C Get foriegn aid THE UNION WIN! The end result of the Civil War was that it was afterwards written into law that no state can leave the Union; the South was virtually destroyed; the vast majority of slaves were freed (those who were in the Confederate states); afterwards blacks were awarded citizenship. Grant was the only Union general who could equal southern general Robert E. Lee. Grant's early victories put him into the public eye, and his willingness to be aggressive and fight, traits that lacked in many Union generals
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