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Dat movie doh

Sarah miller

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of shrek

Fiona and Lord Farquaad`s wedding starts and then Shrek, donkey, and the dragon stop the wedding. The dragon then eats lord Farquaad.
Rising Action
Shrek and donkey reach the castle. The dragon attacks them and sends Shrek flying through the air landing in the tower where princess Fiona is being held captive. Shrek then rescues Fiona and then falls in love with her. they travel back to Duloc when lord Farquaad finally meets princess Fiona and asks for her hand in marriage. Fiona then says yes.
Initial incident
Shrek has too rescue Fiona from a castle that is being guarded by a dragon to regain his swamp after lord Farquaad sent all of the magical creatures to live with him at his swamp.
This movie has Three types of conflict. The first one is character vs society because in the start Shrek is getting chased away by villagers. The second type is character vs character because Shrek and donkey fight the dragon. The third type is character vs self because Fiona does not think anyone will fall in love with her because she thinks her curse makes her a monster.
Antecendent Action
Shrek is introduced when he is doing his morning routine in the start of the movie and then Donkey is introduced in the movie when their is a magical creature trafficking. Fiona is introduced when Shrek rescues her from the castle. This movie takes place in a fairy tail town named Duloc.
falling action
Shrek and Fiona kiss and because of her curse is transformed into an ogre. She reveals her curse Shrek and then donkey and Shrek become ``friends``.
by Sarah and Damon

Shrek and Fiona get married and live happily ever after. The ending in this movie is a happy ending because shrek and Fiona get married and donkey gets a friend.
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