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Leadership - Martin Luther King Jr.

No description

Andrew van der Pennen

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Leadership - Martin Luther King Jr.

Leadership - Martin Luther King Jr.
What were his Strengths and Weaknesses
Martin Luther King experienced his main weaknesses in his fight for freedom. He came across fear, self-doubt and almost down to the point where he would pull out of the protest. However from his weaknesses it was utter strength that he gained to overcome his weaknesses and succeed. His strength was his family.
Is Martin Luther King classified as a 'Christian Leader'
Martin Luther King was easily a christian leader before and after the Civil Rights Movement because he had grown up with the church throughout his life, because his Father and Grandfather were both Baptist preachers.

Martin Luther King showed Christian leadership through his believes of giving everyone an equal opportunity to do well in life. Protesting in the Civil Rights Movement leading them during the March for Washington.
Is Martin Luther King an Effective Leader?
Martin Luther King is an effective leader because he maintained a positive attitude, no matter what circumstances he faced. (Point 6) He continued to empower himself with knowledge and gain understanding to how he could become a better person. (Point 10)

Martin Luther King is a great leader to me because no matter how bad the situation is, he has the ability to always have a positive attitude. He also admitted things where he went wrong, so he could be able to learn and become a more knowledgeable and understanding person.
Who is Martin Luther King and what did he believe in?
Martin Luther King was the most well known person during the Civil Rights Movement for presenting his famous speech "I have a Dream" in 1963. He believed in opportunity and freedom for African Americans that didn't have privileges like the white people.




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