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Daily Life of an American Soldier During The Revolutionary War - 1789

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Makayla Jones

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Daily Life of an American Soldier During The Revolutionary War - 1789

Life of an American Soldier During The Revolutionary War Militia is another name for the soldiers during the revolutionary war. Although there was a big success on the American side, it wasn't all glory. There were a lot of hardships being a common american soldier during the revolutionary war. There was a shortage in a lot of everyday necessities. These necessities included things like money, weapons, food, clothing, and shelter. There was not much sanitation and disease was easy to catch and easily spread. Even though these American soldiers were not living in the best conditions, they never gave up hope and never complained. All of the hardships these soldiers had to face everyday never let it get in the way of them winning the war. They knew how to make a good situation from a bad one. This hope and positive negative lead them to winning the war. Without this type of dedication, we probably wouldn't be where we are in America today. Money: Money for the soldiers was very little. A common soldier's pay in the beginning of the war was $6.67. As the war progressed, the pay got less and less. Without this money, food, clothing, and supplies weren't easy to get. As time went on, soldiers began paying for many things with meaningless pieces of paper with the amount on it. Clothing: An American Revolution soldier's attire included a cocked hat, a waist coat, and regiment coat, breeches, long stockings, and leather shoes. Two cross-belts strapped over his shoulders. Clothing for the common soldier during the revolutionary war was not very good. The uniforms were in bad condition and their shoes were not made properly for long marches and walks. The uniforms were made related to warm weather so when the cold weather came around, they couldn't do anything about it but think warm thoughts. The soldiers garments were unsanitary and weren't easily replaced. There was hardly any supplies to create new uniforms and no money to make or buy new shoes. The uniforms were usually ripped, torn, stained, and often smelled bad. Houses: - Tents
Sometimes there were shortages in tents.

-Log Huts
Were used during the winter to keep the soldiers warm.

-Makeshift Shelters
Also to keep soldiers warm. Some names that these shelters had included: wigwams, brush huts, booths and bowers.

-Cabins Food: The food a soldier was given during the revolutionary war was called a ration. The ration for a soldier a day was a pound of bread, a pound of meat
a gill of dry beans or peas, and a gill of rum. A common soldier was very lucky if he received half of that. The food wasn't good at all.

-The bread was very hard. The bread was so hard that the soldiers would let the bread soak in some warm water until it was soft enough to chew. The reason the bread was hard was because it was only made with flour and water. The army made the bread this way so that it would last a very long time before soiling.

- The meat was usually pork or beef. It would be cut into strips or chunks and soaked in salt water so it wouldn't spoil. The army used salted and dried food because that was the only way the food would stay preserved.

- Usually, the soldiers would boil the dry beans or peas with their meat. After cooking for a long time, the beans a peas became soft and the meat became less salty.

- The soldiers were supposed to mix their rum with water before they drank it. Sometimes, they were issued extra rum for extra work, or it was a special day such as New Year's or to celebrate a victory. Religion: Religion played a huge role during the American Revolution. They made sure to the average american knew that revolution was justified in the sight of God. Religious practice suffered in some places because of the lack of ministers and the destruction of churches, but in other areas religion flourished. By: Makayla Jones
Kayla Young
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