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Copy of The Witches by Roald Dahl

No description

Nicola McGovern

on 8 October 2018

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Transcript of Copy of The Witches by Roald Dahl

The Witches
Think, Pair, Share
Before we read the novel, work with your partner to come up with as many facts as you can about witches.

Write the list down in your jotter
Learning Intentions
Today we will:

Make predictions about our new novel
Show our prior knowledge about witches
Making Predictions
Mrs McGovern
The Witches by Roald Dahl
'The Witches' by Roald Dahl is our new class text.

In this unit we will:

Read 'The Witches'
Learn how realistic characters are created
From looking at the cover, what can you tell me about the book? What if we read the blurb?
What might happen?
What do you think the story is about?
Now let’s read the first chapter of the novel, and see how our lists compare.

When we have finished reading, we will add any new facts about witches to our lists.
A Note about Witches
1.How are real witches different from the ones in fairy-tales?

2.What is the motto of all witches?

3.What kind of special powers does a witch have?

4.Explain why real witches are so dangerous (see page 10)

My Grandmother
In this chapter, the boy's Grandmother tells him how to spot a witch. She also gives him advice on how to protect himself from being caught by a witch.

My Grandmother
In pairs, you are going to create a poster that informs children of what they can do to spot a witch.

The information you provide will come from the “How to spot a witch” chapter of the novel.
The information is very important and I expect to see a lot on the poster.

After you have written the information, you can decorate the poster with pictures to illustrate the information.

What clues should you look for...
How do we learn about characters?

We learn about characters through paying attention to the following:

What they say and how they say it (speech)
What they do (actions)
What other characters say about them
A REAL WITCH has thin, curvy claws like a cat instead of finger nails. Look out for ladies wearing gloves. They may be trying to hide their claws!
This is an informative poster, so you should consider three things:

The information (which you will take from the “How to Spot a Witch” chapter of the novel.
Audience – Other children, your age.
Purpose – to inform children how to spot a witch.
Pick out
quotes that tell you something about the boy's grandmother.

For each quote, write a few sentences that tell us what the quote shows us about the boy's grandmother.
“I felt closer to her than to my mother”
This quotation tells us that the boy loved his grandmother very much. It shows that they have a very strong bond and good relationship.
When Grandmother tells Boy about the five incidents of children disappearing because of
witches, she re-tells the stories using anecdotes; short, amusing accounts of incidents.

In groups, write in first-person, a recount of one more tale of children that have been rumoured to have been taken by witches. See if you can think of amusing incidents to recount and try to keep your descriptions brief and matter-of-fact.
The Grand High Witch
1)Explain why the Grandmother says they have to move back to England. (34 & 35)

2)Where do the witches have their meetings? (p39)

3)What is a “witchophile”? (p39 & 40)

4)What is it about the strange woman that makes the boy think she is a witch?

5)List four rumours about the things that go on at the witches’ annual meeting.
The Meeting
In this chapter, the boy is trapped in the meeting room.

Imagine you are the boy. Describe what he can see and how he must be feeling.
Summer Holidays
In this chapter, the boy's grandmother is unwell.

Pick a quote that shows how much he cares about her.

Now, pick a quote that shows how much the grandmother cares about the boy.

Write a few sentences on each quote.

This quotation tells us that the boys grandmother feels bad that they can't go on holiday, even though she was ill in hospital. This shows that she values the boys happiness over her own health. It is clear she loves him very much.
The boy and his Grandmother
Let's take a minute to describe the boy and his grandmother.

In pairs, list 6 adjectives you could use to describe:

The boy
The grandmother

Both of you should write the list in your jotters
The Boy

The Grandmother

Now in your pairs, assign a character to each of you.
One should look at the boy and the other should look at the grandmother.
For each of your adjectives, I want you to find a quotation to back up your point. Lay this out in your jotter as below.

Throughout the novel we see that the boy is quite a curious character.

' "Does it have something to do with your missing thumb?" I asked her. '
'The doctor said more than that...he said on no account were we to risk the journey to Norway this summer.
''Rubbish!'' my grandmother cried. ''I've promised him we'll go!'' '
The grandmother can be described as an extremely loving and caring character.
When critically analysing novels we follow the
P.E.E structure.

– a sentence which tells you what the paragraph will be about. Also called a topic sentence because it introduces the topic of the paragraph.

from the text (a quotation) which supports the point you are making.

– a comment about the quotation, explaining how it proves the point you are making.



1) What adjectives does The Grand High Witch use to describe the children? p.77
2) What does she tell the other witches they will be buying? p.79
3) What simile is used to describe the sound of the witches voices? p.794) What does he Grand High Witch want the shops to be filled with? p.79
5)How will the witches pay for these sweet shops? P.79
6) What magic formula will the witches be filling their sweet shops with? p81/82
7) What will happen to the children at nine o’clock in the morning? P.82/83
8) What will the teachers do to deal with the mice running around their classrooms? 86/87
Delayed Action Mouse Maker
Grand High Witch Task
I can:
 discuss and evaluate the structure, characterisation and/or setting using some supporting evidence

ENG 3-19a
Bruno Jenkins Disappears
The following questions should be answered in full sentences and should include as much detail as possible!

1.At what time did the Grand High Witch tell Bruno Jenkins to arrive at the Ballroom? p.98

2.Why does she dislike him so much? p.98

3.What changes do the witches make to their appearance before they open the doors? p.98

4.In your own words, describe Bruno Jenkins. 99

5.Describe the different stages Bruno goes through as he changes into a mouse. P.103-105

Bonus Round

Pick a characteristic which best describes the boy in this chapter. Write a PEE paragraph on this. You should include...

.....Point (which tells us how the boy can best be described in this chapter)
....Evidence (to back up your point)
....Explanation of that evidence (Two/three sentences minimum).
The Recipe
In this chapter, The Grand High Witch reveals her magic recipe for turning children into mice.

Your task is to make up a recipe that will get rid of witches.

First of all, make a list of the ingredients you will need and the equipment you will use.

Finally, write out the recipe, explaining what you do with the ingredients. (this is the method)

Remember to include what your recipe will do to the witches.
Word Bank for the recipe!

Rats, finger nails, ear wax, weeds, slugs, broccoli, cabbage, fleas, brussel sprouts


Pot, stove, wooden spoon, knife, rolling pin


Fry, roast, grill, chop, bake, mix, stir,

How is the recipe structured? What information is included? (ingredients, method, cooking times?)

How could you adapt the recipe?

Eg. Instead of ‘serves 6’, you could say how many witches the recipe will kill, and which ingredients you need to increase if you want to kill more.

Similes and Metaphors
Can anyone tell me what a simile or metaphor is?
Simile: Comparing one thing to another using 'like' or 'as'

Metaphor: Comparing one thing to another
using 'like' or 'as'
I can:
identify and comment on aspects of the writer’s style and other features appropriate to genre using some relevant evidence.
'The gums were like raw meat'
'There was a look of serpent in those eyes of hers'
Look through the novel and identify a simile and then a metaphor. Write them down. First person to finish... wins.
'Quote' The simile or metaphor.
Say what two things are being compared.
Say how they are similar.
Say what this makes you think, feel or imagine.
''The skin became crackly and hard like a nut''
The boys hand is being compared to a nut.
Just as a nut is rough and coarse in texture so too is the boys hand.
It suggests that the boys hand feels strange, uneven and hard. It also suggests that the boy has aged.
On your own
Where was the bottle of Delayed Action Mouse-Maker Hidden?

How many doses does the bottle contain?

What does the Grand High Witch plan to do with the frogs?

Who knocks on the bedroom door?

How does the boy/mouse escape from The Grand High Witch’s room?

Tbe Mouse Burglar
Write your own brief summary of what happens in this chapter.

Try to use your own words. Include the following information:

Why does The Grand High Witch scream?
Describe what happens to the witches.
How the other diners react (adults, children, hotel staff)
What do the boy and his grandmother do?

The Triumph
The Ancient Ones and Hello Grandmamma
1. Who does the Grand High Witch give a limited quantity of Delayed Action Mouse-Maker to and why?

2. What is it that gives away the fact that the boy is still hiding in the room with the witches?

3. In your own words, describe how the boy reacts when he knows the witches are looking for him. (see page 111)

4. Explain how the boy reacts to the fact that he has been turned into a mouse. What is unusual about his reaction?
5. What plan does the boy come up with?

6. Why is this plan very dangerous?
What is characterisation?
Characterisation is how the writer creates a character.

How does a writer create a character?

A writer creates character by telling the reader (directly or through other characters) what a character looks like, acts like, sounds like….
Give reasons for your answers.
Now we have read the novel, what are your impressions of the boy?

What type of boy is he?
How could we describe him?
In your jotters, I want you to copy and complete the table below.
You will now need to find a quote that shows us the different characteristics of the boy.
Note, you should not use the same quote twice.
Critical Evaluation of Literature
A Critical Evaluation is an essay in which we examine the writer’s craft.

We do not simply re-tell the story, we look at how the story has been told and evaluate how well this has been done.

Choose a novel you have read and, in detail, write about a character from it that you admire. Use evidence to support your answer.
Write a critical essay about an admirable character which…
 identifies the main characteristics of The Boy

 includes examples and supporting evidence

 justifies your choices with a detailed explanation of the evidence and how it supports your point.


Your essay needs to be in formal language
(no contractions, slang, etc)

It needs to make sense to someone who has not read the story – you need to introduce characters and give context of any quotes.

Your personal response to the story should be present.

You need to think about what information you should include in your essay.

You should only include information which is relevant to the task. You won’t be able to include everything you know about the text.

What are your impressions of The Boy from the reading of the novel? Use evidence to support your answer.

In your groups, pick a quotation and adjective and on the show me board write out what the quote tells you.

'"Now if thatis her room," I said, "then I'll bet I could climb down there somehow and get in."'

This quotation shows us that the boy is undaunted by the Grand High Witch. Even though she has already turned him into a mouse, the boy is still willing to go exploring in her room. He is not afraid of her and he is, rather boldly, trying to stop her. This tells us that he is a very daring boy.
From the table of adjectives and quotations in your jotter. Highlight the four main points you want to make about The Boy.

Now, make a few notes explaining each quote (Think explanation part of P.E.E). Use the show me boards to let me check your notes before writing them in your jotter.
Title (the name of the book)
Author (the name of the person who wrote the book)
Genre (the type of the book)
Brief Outline of the book.
Link to task
Sample Introduction
“The Witches” by Roald Dahl is a novel which is about a young boy who goes on holiday with his Grandmother and comes face to face with the Grand High Witch, the head of all witches in the world.As a result of this run in, the Grand High Witch turns the Boy into a mouse and he then begins to seek revenge and justice. The Boy, the main character, has many admirable qualities and throughout the novel he is….

Now write your own introduction.

Once you have finished carefully check your work, ensuring you have included all the elements of TAGBL and that you have used correct spelling and punctuation.

Swap jotters with your partner and check each other’s work. Make any changes necessary.

Point – a sentence which tells you what the paragraph will be about. Also called a topic sentence because it introduces the topic of the paragraph.

Evidence from the text (a quotation) which supports the point you are making.

Explanation – a comment about the quotation, explaining how it proves the point you are making.

Point or Topic Sentence
A topic sentence has two main functions
To introduce topic of a paragraph (what the paragraph is going to be about)
And to link to task.
From the beginning of the novel, we can see that the Boy is a very admirable character as he seems to be quite curious.
Evidence or Quotation
In order to back up the point you make in your essay you must use evidence from the text, in the form of quotation.

A quotation is a short extract from the text copied down word for word and should always be placed in quotation marks. “quotation”

For each quotation you use you also need to provide some context. This is some details about what is happening in the story when your quotation is written.
An example of this is when the Boy's Grandmother is telling him about witches and what they have down to children. The boy asks lots of questions and wants to know more.
Explanation: the most important part!

After your quote you must write at least three or four sentences which ..

explain the quote (what does it show you)
tell us how this shows the boy to be admirable
This quotation shows us that the boy is very inquisitive and wants to learn more. He is curious to find out about witches and how they operate. This is an admirable quality because..
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