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University Consortium of Pori

No description

Porin yliopistokeskus

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of University Consortium of Pori

University Consortium of Pori
University Consortium of Pori (UCPori) is a centre of four universities operating as a networked multiscience environment.
University Consortium of Pori
Aalto University
Tampere University of Technology
University of Tampere
University of Turku
Interdisciplinary studies
In their degree, students can include courses from another UCPori unit
e.g. a student of digital culture cross-studies sociology courses
e.g. a student of industrial engineering cross-studies marketing courses
minor subject (25 op) or individual courses
available for all UCPori degree students
an endowed professorship in entrepreneurship with support of local companies
UCPori Club for enhancing cooperation
Enhancing Academic Entrepreneurship
2500 students (Dec. 2014)
1176 degree students of whom
1092 masters degree students
84 post-graduate students
245 new degree students in 2014

over 800 open university students
almost 500 in continuing education
Graduated students
well emplyed
By the end of 2014
2030 master's degrees
97 doctors and licentiates

81% of those graduated from the UCPori between 2008-2012 were employed by the end of 2012.
Half of them were located in Satakunta, mostly in Pori.
(Statistics Finland)
UCPori communicates
Welcome to our multidisciplinary science and art community!
Coordinates and promotes co-operation with/between
university units in UCPori
parent universities
other higher education institutions
regional actors

UCPori coordination unit
PUPA is an experimental project platform that, in cooperation with regional partners, enables the implementation of interdisciplinary educational, research or production projects for Aalto University units and degree programmes in Pori and Satakunta.
Aalto University:
Pori Urban Platform of Aalto University (PUPA)
303 degree students
Programme in Management and Information Technology:
industrial engineering and management
network management and information security
software engineering and data management

Tampere University of Technology Pori Department
167 degree students
Major subjects:
Sosial Work
Sosial policy
Master programmes:
Organizing of Welfare Services
Work life and welfare

University of Tampere, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Pori unit
419 degree students (36 %)
Major subjects:
Accounting and Finance
Management and Organisation
Master programmes:
Business Skills in Welfare Services
Business Skills in Expert Services (2014-)

University of Turku
School of Economics
Pori Unit
236 degree students
Unique Major Subjects:
Digital Culture
Cultural Heritage Studies
Landscape Studies

University of Turku
Degree Program of
Cultural Production and Landscape Studies
Research on environmental issues of shipping and ports and shortsea shipping.

The national Shortsea Promotion Centre Finland promotes waterborne and intermodal transport in Europe.

University of Turku
Centre for Maritime Studies
Medical students from University of Turku visit Satakunta for clinical studies period.
University of Turku
Faculty of Medicine,
Teaching Health Centre
four higher education institutions - 10 000 students
Interdisciplinary studies available for all "Satakorkea" degree students
UCPori is located in Satakunta, in the city centre of Pori, by the Kokemäenjoki river.

UCPori operates in a renovated textile mill (originally Porin Puuvilla, Pori Cotton, later Finlayson). It was built during 1898-1900, burned partly to grounds in 1981 and was renovated for university purposes in 1999.

Location and premises
Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme
first exchange students arrived in August 2013
English course offering (ca. 100 cr.) available for exchange/Finnish students
advances "domestic internationalization" at the home campus
Personnel: one third have
a doctoral degree
164 employees of whom
18 professors
42 teachers
56 researchers
22 administratative staff
26 other
Cooperation and interaction
High quality research on seven fields of science
Research co-operation on multidisciplinary focus areas
Digital Society
Knowledge Intensive Services
Energy and Environment
Social integration

Research database:
What is a
University Consortium?
universities cooperate under a common umbrella organisation aiming at synergy and influence
profile and operations reflect the characteristics and needs of the region, as well as the strengths and profiles of the parent universities
6 consortia: Kajaani, Kokkola, Lahti, Mikkeli, Pori, Seinäjoki
TiedeAreena (Science Arena) in September
Labour Day Student festivities in May
Puuvillan puisto (SuomiAreena) in July
Events all year round
Porin yliopistokeskus - UCPori

Twitter: UCPori

YouTube: Porin yliopistokeskus

Instagram: #ucpori
See more about the history of the building:
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