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Book Talk

Crocodile Tears

Steven Shine

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Book Talk

This story mainly takes place in England but it also takes place in Kenya when he has been kindnpped and illegally migrated to Kenya with fake passports.
The Plot is ...
Thanks For Watching
Brief Information
Crocodile Tears
By: Anthony Horowitz
Alex Rider Series
Book Talk
Alex hangs on a bar under crocodiles
Desmond Mc Cain, two body gaurds, and Desmonds future wife watch him while Alex tells them everything MI6 had Alex do in Greenfields
Alex is captured by FedEx men
Dressed up and sent over to Kenya illegally
Point Of View
First person
Theme: Things are not always what they seem to be
Tone: Negative
Protagonist: Alex - He stops Desmond McCain from poisoning Kenya - He saves Sabina and Edward Pleasure from drowning in a car in the water
Antagonist: Desmond McCain - He Tris to kill Alex - He tries to use the money sent to his charity for his own needs
Alex Rider
Desmond McCain
Alan Blunt
Mrs. Jones
Prime Minister
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