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Plant Cell Compared to a City

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Cynthia Letting

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Plant Cell Compared to a City

Plant Cell Compared to a City
Important jobs and meetings are held at town hall and the nucleus forms the basis for activity and growth.
Mitochondria- Power Plant
The Mitochondria generates the energy needed for the cell to function just like a power plant generates power for a city.
Golgi Apparatus- Train
The Golgi Apparatus transport proteins throughout the cell just like a train transports humans throughtout the city.
A town hall is the central part of a town just like a nucleus is the center of the cell.
Nucleus- Town Hall of the Cell
Nuclear Envelope- Guard
The Nuclear Envelope is a layer of double lipids that protect the genetic material that is inside the nucleus just like a gaurd stands outside of the fence to protect the people in town hall.
Rough ER- Mail Man
The Rough ER collects and processes specific proteins just like a Mail Man picking up mail from citizens' mailboxes.
Smooth ER- Post office
The smooth ER sends out specific proteins much like the post office ships out the mail that was processed.
Ribosomes- Construction Worker
Ribosomes create proteins which help the cell function just like construction workers build structures for the city to function.
Chloroplast- Farmer
The Chloroplast produces food for the cell just like a farmer produces food for the town or city.
Vacuole- Storage Units
The vacuole stores things such as food just like storage units are used to hold the city's things.

Lysosome- Trash Company
Lysosomes clean the cell and recycle old cell material just like a trash company collects the trash from the townspeople.
Cell Wall- City Wall
Cytoskeleton- Police Department
The cytoskeleton protects the cell and maintains the cell's structure just like the police department maintains order in the city and keeps the towns people in following the laws.
Cell Membrane- City Border
The Cell membrane controls what goes in and comes out of the cell just like a city border controls who enters and exits the city.
A Cell wall helps maintain the shape of the cell and protect the interior of the cell. Although a city wall does not maintain the shap of the city, it does help protect the people inside of the city.
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