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Should Students As Young As 14 Be Able To Hold Jobs?

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on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Should Students As Young As 14 Be Able To Hold Jobs?

First of all, us students as young a 14 should be able to hold jobs because, it will help us become more responsible. Like if we come into work at the right time we could be rewarded. This would make us strive to keep doing that. If we're late we could be punished. Then, we would realize that we shouldn't do that. Working teaches us work skills that will serve us in college, and prepare us for adulthood. Us having jobs would help us develop new skills and responsibilities.
Experience Adult Life
Second of all, if we worked it would give us the chance to experience adult life. We would learn that our parents will not be there to help with every situation we have. We will have more opportunities to meet more people from different cultures and religions. Also, we will be able to see how people act and work together. We would also develop better surroundings at work. Lastly, we would learn how businesses work, so someday we could start our own business. Experiencing adult life is the best thing for us to have the opportunity to do.
Smarter Than Adults
Lastly, some of us students have proven to be smarter than adults. Some adults slack off and still manage to keep their jobs. Us, teens work faster than adults, and better.Some adults lack knowledge, experience, and responsibility. We have fresher minds. We are all about in high school now; we could be learning things at school and at work. The things we learn at work could help with school.
Should Students As Young As 14 Be Able To Hold Jobs?
Teens are just like adults, the only difference is the age. We all need money. We all like money. So why is it so bad for students as young as 14 to have jobs? A student working is just like an adult working. Students should be able to hold jobs because it helps us students take on responsibilities. It gives us a chance to experience adult life. Also, some of us have proven to be smarter than adults. Here is my opinion of why we should be able to have jobs.
Students shouldn't be able to hold jobs as young as 14 because you have to work harder than you already do, and work long hours. Then, you have to worry about getting caught up on homework, and making sure you get enough sleep. This wouldn't work at all because that's too much for a teenager to think about and do. But this would help us learn how to manage our time. Also, there's a limit of time you can work as a high school student. Which would be great f or us, because it's limiting our time so that we have time for school work. Lastly, students shouldn't have to worry about working at such a young age. They should be able to enjoy life, and be active in school activities.
Us students working should not be a bad thing. If we want to work you parents should be happy. Working gives us a chance to become more responsible, experience adult life, and a chance to prove we're smarter than adults. Working as a teen should not be a crime.
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