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Revolutionary war

The Revolution War By: Darius for S.S

Darius Whitfield

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Revolutionary war

By: Darius Whitfield Important documents Why did the war start? Paul Revere was a freedom fighter he posted his opinions and other peoples opinions on the liberty tree. later on in Boston he did what is now know as the ride of Paul Revere. This event was when he was telling all the town folk that the British were coming. In god we trust The Colonist the Red Coats the main reasons the war was started is
because the French and Indian war. This war made the colony's have to pay more taxes.The colonist sent the Declaration of rights to the king but he dismissed it. on that document it listed 10 resolution to King George 3rd.
Another reason is the Act. The tea Act and The Stamp act just to name a few. Other things such as boycotting were causes to the war too. two major battles in the war. Fist: The Battle of Yorktown
the battle of Yorktown took place in 1781. the people involved were France, the colony's, and British.
the commanders were George Washington for the colonist and Cornwallis for the British.General Washington saw a chance to trap Cornwallis at Yorktown so he trap them by land and the French trap them by sea. second: Valley Forge This event wasn't a battle but it was a very harsh time for George Washington and his troops.
Valley Forge was took place in the winter
of 1777-1778. During this event
some soldiers went though
training. first we have the the book of common sense. This book change a lot of peoples view of how they look at there king. It was written by a regular man who was a carpenter.His mane was Tomas Pain. Important documents This is the most important document as we all know during the war. It was made to show that the 13 colony's where one and independent from Great Britain. It was sign by all the council members and other important people. this was their flag. The Declaration of Independents: 1776 The Revolutionary War Important people George Washington: George Washington was the general of the continental . Later on he became the first president and work forward to improve are growing country. He bravely road into battle with his army bringing up the rear.
He was the first person to live in the White House. Important people Paul Revere: important people Patrick Henry: Some of you might not know who Patrick Henry is so i will tell you. Patrick Henry was the man who made the quot. "Give my liberty, or give me death" Important people Betsy Ross: Betsy Ross was the lady who made are first flag. she was asked by George Washington. The turning point of the war. The turning point of the war was on September 19,1777. this was on the day of the battle of Saratoga.On this day the the colonist won a key victory. They also ganged France approval for a alliance. The end of the war. the war ended by the last battle which was the battle of Yorktown. In the end the treaty of Paris was signed and that ended the war. The treaty was sign in Paris by the king and the council of America. And that's how America was formed, by the 13 colony's. Who came over on the May flower. sources: WWW. Historycentral.com WWW. Military history.com D.D.W. D.W.
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