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Potential Mindtools

No description

Faith Shaffner

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Potential Mindtools

Creates a situation in which the student is given examples of persuasive usage of ethos, logos, and pathos. Gives the player a chance to perform rhetorical analysis on image compositions. In creating a solution to the game, the player must demonstrate their understanding of these rhetorical appeals and explore which one
swayed their understanding the most. Problem: Does not intrinsically
aid the player in understanding
the content http://www.bgsu.edu/cconline/gaming_issue_2008/King_Rhetorical_peaks/intro.html http://fasttex-dev.diia.utexas.edu/rhetoricalpeaks/versions/flash/index.html Concept Maps Developed in 1970s Grew out of Constructivist views of knowledge The Social Constructivist movement in composition made these a common prewriting tool Extend to all brainstorming for all types of composition, add aspects of collaboration http://bubbl.us Student-Editable Wiki with Comment Option Wiki-- Semantic Hypermedia Tool that allows for Knowledge Construction Motivation: Game-Like Play, with more points rewarded for higher-level thinking Future Improvement: Weekly Reward instead of 'End of Class' Rewards Community Building: Interest is content related and threaded conversation can occur Usage of Computers as Mindtools:
Three Potential Applications for
A Composition Class http://wikispaces.com Where Do
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