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gran torino

No description

thomas betsch

on 9 January 2018

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Transcript of gran torino

Gran Torino
Presenting the document.
Nature : movie drama
Title : gran torino
Released : 2008
USA city of Detroit in the district of Highland Park

1.Walt Kowalski : playing by Clint Eastwood.
2. Sue Lor : playing by Ahney Her
3.Thao Van Lor : playing by Bee Vang
themes conveyed
1) Korean immigration
2) the car of the main character
3) a Korean gang
4) conflict
author's intention
The intention of the author is of denounce the conflict between they Human and show the shock we suffer the veteran.

Title meaning

The choice of the title "gran torino" comes from the name of the car of the main character, because this adventure start with the car of Walt KOWALSKI.
Effect on the viewer

The effect on the viewer is negative because the main character is a old man and he is the cliche of american beacause he have a american flag and a american car.
For we the movie is
Atmospher conveyed
The atmosphere conveyed is negative because the movie is a movie drama.
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