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The Last Lecture - Wisdoms and Life

For St Conrads

Nathalie Alberts

on 28 August 2017

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Transcript of The Last Lecture - Wisdoms and Life

# 1
On how to really achieve our childhood dreams
Buck Rogers?! - He was this cool guy that traveled in space and killed aliens, but it was the 80's so.... they wore skin tight white silky onesies...
Nathalie Alberts
Much thanks to Raf Stevens
and Randy Pausch, Amos Oz, Gary Chapman
Steve Farrar, Dr Henry Cloud
My parents and to a faithful God

Running in the olympics?
No - not even close... but it helped keep me fit and I can
to be
anywhere and anyone
when I am running with my iPod.

I love gadgets, so my degree major was in computer science and software engineering. Yay. Have a knack for pattern recognition,
studying was a gift,
a dream come true...
My childhood dreams:
Being able to fly( with my arms - not in a plane )
Being Buck Rogers
Running in the Olympics
Going to university on a bicycle
Anything to do with computers
Building stuff( buildings, farms, cranes, elevators, planes )

Traveling the world on foot with nothing but a backpack
Being Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan play
Finding true love
Flying and floating on clouds?
Well, in my dreams I actually can, and its fun!
I take a really deep breath, hold it, and float upwards, weightless...
Sort of like Superman :) but without one arm in front thing
I always wanted to go to university - full time. My parents could not pay for me, the way my life changed after school closed those doors, so eventually, when I was about 29, I won a bursary to study a BSc part time.
My marks were a very big deal, because continuation of the bursary depended on my results.
It was tough, it took a lot of commitment.
I was working full time, had 3 lovely children, so all my studies and assignments had to be completed at night.
But, praise God, I got through it, with 9 subjects over 90% and 15 over 80%, and passed with an average of 84%
Not trying to impress you guys, just want to illustrate the point that when you want something badly enough, you'll find a way around your obstacles...
And maybe one day I'll be a prof somewhere going to lectures on my bicycle
Building stuff? Have renovated 3 homes and seen dreams and plans( mostly )come true, but when I was small we had this cool toy called a TinkerToy that you could build elevators, catapults, trucks and cranes with. It had round blocks, sticks, cogs and rubber bands.
It was my favourite toy( and I hated Barbie... sorry but its true, too weird for me, the fussy feet... )
Solving the Rubiks cube - I can, eventually, but this, wow...
Being Tinkerbell?

Well I was, at rehearsals, and
everything seemed to be coming together,
the flying and floating stuff, being OK with being small for my age, acting, being the "pretty" and cute one with the pixy dust...
I was at every rehearsal - but then we had to suddenly move and I had to leave the school :(
I was very sad
But it's funny
( and wonderful )
how life can just work out. You see, because we had to move, one day I'll meet my
true love

Adventures - and lessons learned
Be very wary of the dreaded car license photo - wear lots of makeup girls, us "whities" look weird and washed out, and please look at the camera..
my first one was so dreadful I looked like an 80 year old weird sad woman looking at something over yonder with a few wisps of white hair. It used to be on here but I've become too aware of identity theft( ID number and license number and acute embarasment )so have removed it. Worst was though
- when a police officer pulled me over, I wasn't once questioned on whether it was me or not :0...
Travel and don't be fussy about where...
get out and see places. It's an extraordinary privilege to. Somehow I've been ale to see amazing places.
I was so desperate as a child to see the world that when our English teacher asked for a speech about
what we had done during our summer holidays :((
I made up a holiday that included going down the Amazon river and seeing piranhas, Amazon people living in trees, kayaks, weird rice, I even threw in the QE2 to get to the mouth of the river. It was so way "out there" that my English teacher - a really good person, asked me if it was true. I was so scared, thought he would give me a zero, so I lied and said yes. In retrospect, would probably have scored a better mark for... originality. Oops.
Getting hurt and bruised is
usually worth the pain
Go to NYC for New Year at least once in your life
Pretend to be a Jedi( even if others are watching )
It's about how to live your life
Love BIG
Earnest is better than hip - what I mean is that
Hip goes out of fashion, what is hip depends on what decade you are referring to, but
earnest just sticks around longer...
Raise the white flag - "the race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong" - King Solomon, a man gifted by wisdom from God
Look for something good in every day...
this is very hard.

Sooner or later in life, most of us will sadly be hurt by someone so deeply that we will have a moment where we feel that we might never get over what happened. I pray it never happens to you. But if it does, hit the
button for your own sake.

I truly believe that LOVE, not TIME, heals all wounds.
Be the first penguin
Show gratitude and say thank you
Dance with the one that brung you
All you have is what you bring with you
God is always faithful
Solving the rubiks cube out of my head in 5 minutes
So less like this...
And more like this...
Do you know the story about the first Superman.... Christopher Reeve?
Can anything in the universe disappear?
No it can not. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another.
The total amount of energy in an isolated system always remains constant.
And universe is the only perfectly isolated system.

Then what is my soul? Atoms, electricity? If nothing in the universe disappears, why would my soul? What is it that is communicating with you? Random atom particle collisions, random electrical currents?
Then where does my soul go when my earth suit decays?
This is such a huge word that I do not know where to begin explaining it to you... I don't even understand it myself
Yes, its primarily for yourself and those who love you.
Jesus forgave us, He was tortured to death and chose to forgive.
Nelson Mandela forgave. Holocaust survivors forgave.
There is grace enough for this day...
No politics ok please?
I liked that Barak Obama always honoured his wife, Michelle. At his first inauguration, he called an end to interviews, and danced this dance with his very own first lady.
For all my children
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