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Leadership Development at Goldman Sachs

No description

John Sobieski

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Leadership Development at Goldman Sachs

Conclusion The Mentorship Program Leadership Development At Goldman Sachs Importance at Goldman Sachs
Benefits of Teams
3-Step Plan
Emotional Intelligence, Communication skills, and "I vs.We" Vocabulary
2-Part Lecture Based off Contingency Theory
Leadership Style
On the Job Training
Experience and Interactions Overview FOUR STAGE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT:

1.) Mentorship Program
2.) Teamwork Development Program
3.) Cultural Advancement Stage
4.) Senior Leadership Program Cultural Advancement Stage Goal:
build cross-cultural leadership
have employees feel confident in working with others in different cultures
Use of models and theories
CQ model
Hofstede’s Theory of Cultural Dimensions
Practice with real world situations Senior Leadership Program House's Path-Goal Theory

Intelligence Training
Two types of intelligence

Reduces power distance in company

Upholding and interpreting the Principles

Great achievement to be a part of this Location: 30 Hudson St. Building Goldman Sachs Center for Cross-Cultural and Team Leadership Teamwork Development Program What the Mentorship Progam will not be like! What the Teamwork Development Plan will not be like! "Apprenticeship" Program used before
Was successful
Part of corporate culture
Structure of Program
Different for new employees/new management
Lasts depending on condition of role
Fosters relationships in organization
Leadership Theory behind it
Transformational Leadership
Theory "Y" What the Cultural Advancement Stage will not look like! Conclusion: Goal of our Leadership Development Initiative
Easy Implementation
Addressing Challenges
Measurement Analysis
Questions What Senior Leadership will not look like!
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