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New Mexico's Natural Resources:

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Danielle Alejandrez

on 24 August 2016

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Transcript of New Mexico's Natural Resources:

Trees form from many different aspects in nature. To start off, when trees decompose, they release almost all of the CO2 that was stored in the trees back into the air. As a result (because trees are almost entirely made out of CO2) more and more trees will grow because of it. Much like the circle of life, but for trees.
New Mexico's Natural Resources:

How have Trees formed?
How does deforestation affect the water cycle and our purified water?
Deforestation affects the water cycle because in the water cycle there is one action that helps condensation happen. It's called Transpiration, which comes from trees. Transpiration releases large quantities of water which replenishes the clouds and causes rain. Except when deforestation occurs rain is lost from the area flowing away as river water and causes permanent drying. If deforestation continues the same way it has been our country will soon be a desert and there wont even be any water left to purify.
How do trees affect the rock and water cycle?
Water cycle: Trees affect the water cycle because of transpiration. When it rains the water goes into the roots of the tree and when its time for evaporation, the water comes out of the trees and replenishes the clouds and it rains.
Rock Cycle: Trees affect the rock cycle because in the rock cycle plants and trees (or the food on them) gets eaten by animals. When the animals pass the food and also later die, both decompose. That goes underground and turns into inorganic phosphate, after this it turns into underground rock and goes through geological upheaval containing phosphate and the cycle starts all over again.
Where are trees most abundant in NM?
Trees are most abundant in the northern and southwestern areas of New Mexico.
How does deforestation affect the rock cycles?
Deforestation affects the water cycle by not being there to feed the animals and/or decompose. When the trees and animals waste decompose,it turns into inorganic acid which creates underground rock. Without trees these steps in the cycle wouldn't work and our ground would be very unbalanced. Leading to less rocks, more deserts and such.
What types of energy are involved in the cycling of water and rocks?
The types of energy involved in the cycling of water are Mechanical, Potential, Gravitational, Magnetic, Thermal, Kinetic, and Nuclear energy. The types of energy involved in the cycling of water are Kinetic, Thermal, Mechanical and Gravitational energy.
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