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No description

Margaret Schopp

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of YLC @ WEOCON

National Young
Leaders Committee Mission Statement A National
Committee Accelerating the leadership and overall development of the participants through education and participation. Harness ideas and input of this group of young leaders and put them into practice much the way the Leadership Committee starts initiatives. Be a Think Tank where ideas are freely exchanged and open communication is encouraged. Our brightest young professionals from each office supporting W.E. O'Neil by providing a voice for the younger generation’s view points on Company Operation. Pat O'Neil
Margaret Schopp
Francisco Manrique
Matt Ogner
Jason Beard California Denver Dan Sulewski Chicago Mike Boyle
Jennifer Chaplin
Christine Strom
Clint Tolbert Tuscon Phoenix Brad Garlick
Chris Herman James Klingelsmith
EMPLOYEES Develop Training Programs Improve Knowledge Reward Project Teams Exchange of Knowledge Employee Training Continuing Education Employee Relationships Quarterly
Tours 1000 years of knowledge sitting dormant Improve + Promote
O’Learn School
Sharing SOCRATES Events O’Learn Email to provide the “BUZZ”

-Specific Emails for all levels PE to PX Bring O’Learn back to the forefront Survey All Levels

-Feedback to determine areas of improvement Incorporate O’Learn back into WEO life

- Becomes part of our daily “checklist” Increase use of School of Construction and Other Modules With Employees Mission Goals - Connect Fellow Employees
- Share Knowledge
- Utilize Expertise of Peers Who Where How - Whole Company
- Peer Groups (PE, PM, PS)
- Project Teams - Jobsite - Office - Offsite - Pick a Theme
- Present
- Allow for Open Discussion Leaders of today teaching leaders of tomorrow Vision Statement Goals 1. Share lessons learned and
fuel project discussions
2. Improve employee
3. Document teaching
components Mission Statement Provide an open forum for employees to discuss unique aspects of construction by WEO to promote teamwork, improve knowledge, and share best practices What's Next... - Jobsite tour at
x on x/x
- Survey about
- SOCrates Events
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