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English Grammar

No description

becky Lush

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of English Grammar

Sentence Types and Moods Simple Sentences Compound
Sentences Minor Sentences A simple sentence contains only
one clause.

Example: Juan plays football ever

Clause: A group of words
forming a unit within a
sentence, usually containing
a subject and a verb. This consists of two or more simple
sentences that are joined by a
coordinating conjunction.
(and, so or but)

The important thing to remember
is that both clauses are equally as
important and make sense on
their own.

Example: I tried
to speak Spanish,
and my friend
tried to speak German Complex Sentences A complex sentence consists of two
or more clauses, however, only one
clause can make sense when standing by
itself and the other(s) wouldn't make sense.
The clauses are linked
by a subordinating
(As, because and if)

Example: The teacher returned the homework after she noticed the error. Sentence Moods There are four types of sentence moods,
these are:

Declarative: This is
when someone is
making a statement.
Example: I like
English Language Interrogative: These are sentences that want a reply (a question). Example: Do you like English Language? Imperative: This gives instructions of some
kind, being a warning, an order, advice or invitations.
Example: You should take English Language at
A Level. Exclamatory: emphatic sentences that in
writing, are indicated by an exclamation
Example: I love English Language! Grammar AS Level How much do you remember?

Complete Worksheet They are irregular sentence
construction and do not need a verb.

For example: Jam or
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