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Ohio Habitats

2nd grade lesson on some of Ohio's major habitats.

Christina Godsey

on 12 October 2011

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Transcript of Ohio Habitats

Ohio's Habitats
What is a habitat?
A habitat is a place where
living things have food, water
and shelter they need.
What are Ohio's Habitats?
forest, prairies, wetlands and
freshwater lakes and rivers.
Forest Habitat
A forest habitat is a habitat that
gets enough rain and warmth
for many trees to grow. When the
weather turns cold, many trees
lose their leaves.
Animals of the Forest
Animals use the forest for food and shelter.
Animals help the forest grow by moving the seeds.
Birds, bats, deer, bear squirrels, snakes, racoon,and
hawks are a few animals that live in the forest.
Grassland Habitat
A grassland habitat is a habitat
that is covered with grass and
has few trees. A prairie is a type
of grassland that has plants that
do not grow elsewhere.

Grass is green in spring and summer and in fall yellow.
Animals of the Grasslands/Prairies
Animals and plants depend on one another
in the prairie. Bees help flowers grow so animals
have them to eat. There are few trees in grasslands
so most animals make homes below ground
Some animals found in the prairie are:
badgers, snakes, foxes, hawks, field mice, groundhogs
and many insects.
Wetland Habitat
A wetland habitat is a habitat
that is covered by water for part of
each year. In the summer, some wetlands
may dry up. Swamps, marshes and bogs are all
types of wetlands.
Animals of the Wetlands
Animals in wetlands need its plants to
survive. They use them to hide and for
food. The plants take harmful things out
of the water. Some wetland animals are:
ducks, owls, hawks, snakes, turtles, frogs,
herons and beavers.
Water Habitat
A water habitat can be a river,
a lake, a pond or a stream. Water habitats
are always covered with water and in winter will be ice covered. All Ohio's water
habitats are fresh water.
Animals of the Water
Animals need the water to live and they use the plants of the water habitat for food and shelter. Some water animals are: fish, ducks, geese, turtles, frogs, and beavers.
Cave Habitat
A cave is a large hole. It may be underground, in the side of a hill or mountain, or under a cliff.
Animals of the cave
Most animals that live in the cave use it for shelter. They rarely use it for their whole life cycle. Such animals are bears, bats, various insects, and fungi and other plants.
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