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Warm Up

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Warm Up

Warm Up
The captain picked John before...
Suzy sings as well as....
Let's move on to intensive and reflexive pronouns.
Intensive pronouns emphasize a noun.
I myself went to the movies.
John cashed the check himself.
Reflexive pronouns have jobs.
A reflexive pronoun can be a DO, IO, or OP
Hisself and theirselves are not pronouns. They are grammatically incorrect.
You also should not replace subject or object pronouns with reflexive or intensive pronouns.
List the subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive adjectives, and possessive pronouns
Insert a grammatically correct possessive pronoun or adjective into the following sentences.

.....is the one on the right.
....hat is blue.

Let's review possessive pronouns.
They replace the name of the owner and the item being owned.
John's shirt is dirty. His is dirty.
The cat's litter box is full. Its is full.
Posessive adjectives only replace the name of the owner. They are ALWAYS followed by a noun.
John's shirt is dirty. His shirt is dirty,
Tha cat's litter box is full. Its litter box is full.
They have no other role in the sentence. They can be removed from the sentence, and the sentence will still make sense.
We brought ourselves home.
Ourselves is a DO
I made myself lunch.
myself is an IO
She kept the secret to herself.
herself is an OP
ID whether the pronoun is intensive or reflexive and what the antecedent is.
1. My parents decided on our vacation plans themselves-with help from my cousin's family.
2. As we prepared ourselves for the vacation, we wondered how we would get along with our cousins for a month.
3. I packed my suitcase myself, but I knew I had forgotten something.
4. My father drove most of the way to the lake himself.
5. The lake itself was beautiful, though the mountains were rather barren.
Insert an intensive or reflexive pronoun, and say whether its intensive or reflexive.
1. We treated ....to the rental of a sailboat.
2. My older sister proved to be a good swimmer herself.
3. I...learned a little about handling the boat.
4. Our parents...informed us about the safety rules.
grammar ws due tomorrow
1-9 vocab test next Thursday
vocabtest.com EC due 2/1, must be 100% and no repeats
Lincoln essay due by the end of class tomorrow
Now, you can practice on your own.
Myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves
Let's get back to The Mysterious Mr. Lincoln
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