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Epicor iScala ERP Solution (business software)

Epicor iScala ERP solution (business software) for fast growing companies on one or more locations


on 18 January 2018

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Transcript of Epicor iScala ERP Solution (business software)

Implementation Service and Support
Tools to Develop and Integrate
EXPAND PROCESSES - Automation Manager – VBA based
EXPAND DATABASE - User Defined Databases
EXPAND DOCUMENT CONTROL – Attach electronic documents
EXPAND DATA MINING - Unlimited possibilities of developing queries and reports
Crystal, Query Designer, Snap Search etc.
FASTEN BUSINESS PROCESSES - Automation tools – schedule and automate processed
INTEGRATE SYSTEMS - Integration tools - XML – EDI connectivity
EXPAND BUSINESS SECURITY - Easy security and administration
Kapa-Spin d.o.o. is Epicor Silver Partner based in Zagreb, Croatia.
Our consultants are working as iScala consultants for more than 15 years in Croatia and in EMEA region.

iScala is designed for the worldwide divisions and subsidiaries of multinational corporations with local and corporate reporting requirements.
Thru everyday activities standardization we offer business decisions with confidence.
System data consolidation allow multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-companies capability on one 'Business Server', or integrated 'Enterprise Server'.
ERP Implementation Projects from Kapa-Spin
Finance & Logistic Processes
Service and
Project Management

Hospitality Solution

Back office solution improve management efficiency in Hospitality industry.
offers flexible account structures for multi -locations/companies, consolidation, budgeting and reporting.
System setup allow integration with Inventory Management, Property Management Systems and POS - Front Office solutions (Micros Fidelio . Opera)
- all revenue comes from outside of ERP, and is imported / reported on a daily basis
iScala Pharma
Basic :
Quality Control
First Expired First Out [FEFO]
Batch templates
Batch traceability
Users Control
Audit Log
Logistic Rules :
BINs - Internal Delivery Note
Suppliers/Clients control
Production Rules:
Batch control - inheritance
Sanitary Control
Automatic [Hard] allocations
Batch on Work Order
Vertical Solutions
Whether you have a question about our services please contact us : info@kapa-spin.hr
Latest Microsoft Platforms
Multi-level/Composite Snap Searches design
knowledge and experience for finance, manufacturing, service, project / consulting, wholesale, IT, pharmaceutical and hospitality industry.
integration open databases with other specialized solutions
Reports in Crystal Report, MS Access
system administration
Segregation of Duties setup
Production in MPC Module
Service Management Module
tracking time, resources & materials for service activities as:
preventive maintenance (planned)
based on contract
help desk
corrective maintenance (not planned)
services on client location
Project Management Module
Project planning and actual value of costs and profit tracking on project resources, time and material based on defined levels:
Main project
parameter setup allow automatic accounting for General Ledger booking, including Percentage of Completion model.
Proven Methodology
Business requirement review
Return on investment (ROI) and Key performance indicator (KPI)
Solution concept discovery :
- Review business process and workflow
- Match functionalities
Define project scope, timeline and resources
Organize project
Check communication strategy
Model review - based on experience 'Best practice' with details
- identify potential problems
Project plan
Project plan presentation
Project's objectives, goals, and success criteria definition
Solution design
Verify decision: re-engineer specific business processes
Prototype design / presentation
- business processes
- transactions
Key users training
Production system setup
Project team and key users validation
- detail go live plan
- data conversion
- end user training
- documentation
- after implementation support
Project closure and
post implementation support
End user training
Go live
Project review
Poslovni sustav
business software
knjigovodstveni sustav
robno materijalno
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software

Epicor ICE is a modern, and visionary technology framework from Epicor, providing enhanced mobility, accessibility, and interactivity
- brings next generation capabilities to the various Epicor ERP product lines
- Enable “My ERP” - tailor solutions just for “YOU” – the right information to the right people
- Enable business . . . anywhere on any device including record/information update in compliance with the business workflow rules powered by service connect
- Boost employee productivity – get access by all to ERP
- Enables Enterprise search – Google style information discovery locked inside ERP
- Easily integrate disparate data
presented more than 2100 times
Support for :

Interface change/localization
Output documents design based on user requests
Multi lingual documents for customers / suppliers
VAT books
Legislation reports
Bank interfaces
*kontinuirana ili periodična
jedna ili više tvrtki u konsolidirnu
u odabranu financijsku godinu
u odabrani kontni plan
u odabranoj valuti/tečaju
izvještaji prema zahtjevima vlasnika u novoj 'kompaniji'
brz pristup zalihama,
vlastiti cjenici,
praćenje naplate,
Dobavljači, skladište, proizvodnja, kupci..
Serijski brojevi
Dobavljači, skladište,
kupci, servis..

Unos ponude
dokument (prijedlog) sa svim potrebnim podacima
Unos naloga/konverzija iz ponude
Planiranje zaliha i rezervacije
Dokumenti - statistika
temeljnice zaliha (automatska knjiženja), dokumenti (lista izuzimanja sa skladišta, za pakiranje, za utovar, za isporuku, otpremnica i sl)
Skladište komisije / konsignacija (dokument)
Zatvaranje naloga + uplata
Račun u saldakonta kupaca (automatska knjiženja)
Statistika, izvještaji
Integracija sa vanjskim sutavima
kontrola nabave, troškova
računi dobavljača
kontrola kvalitete
konsolidacija primki
integracija sa vanjskim sustavima

Zahtjev za ponudu
Unos naloga nabave ili konverzija iz zahtjeva za nabavom
/ ugovor / potvrda naloga nabave
planiranje zaliha
Unos isporuke
Temeljnice zaliha (automatska knjiženja)
Primka (GRN)
Unos računa
Saldakonti dobavljača
Izvještaji, statistika
Zatvaranje naloga
Kontrola zaliha
sastavnice (50 nivoa za materijale, poluproizvode fantome),
FIFO, LIFO, prosječna ponderirana, standardna cijena
+ FEFO (farmaceutska industrija)
Kontrola zaliha

Šifarnici, grupe, alternativne grupe, zamjenske stavke
Planiranje (min – max kontrola)
Sastavnice (50 nivoa za materijale, poluproizvode fantome)
Vrednovanje zaliha standardna, prosječna ponderirana, FIFO
Za farmaceutske i prehrambene artikle FEFO (rok trajanja)
Transakcije u skladištu
Logička skladišta
Šarže - praćenje
Serijski brojevi - povijest
Full transcript