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West, Central & South Europe Baynes

No description

Samuel Sicilia

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of West, Central & South Europe Baynes

West-Central-Southern Europe The Louvre Museum Pamplona, Spain The Eurostar The Coliseum, Rome Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Biography: Aristotle Polder Diagram... Disaster of 1953
-Floods kill 1,800
-70,000 left homeless
-cattle and crops destroyed Massif Central Massif = Solid Mass Extreme Skiing... It doesn't always look that smooth... World War I 1914-1918
Allied Powers: U.S., France, Soviet Union, U.K. and Japan
Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary
Austria-Hungary fighting with Soviet Union for control of Balkan territories
Archduke of Austria assassinated in 1914
Allied Powers Won
Much of Germany destroyed World War II 1939-1945
Allied Powers: U.S., Soviet Union, U.K.
Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, Japan
Germany invades Poland, Japan invades China
U.S. involved after Pearl Harbor attack
Holocaust occurs during the war
Allied Powers win again
Much of Europe destroyed
Hitler kills himself before being captured The Holocaust Holocaust = Sacrifice by Fire Hitler blames Jews for loss in WW1
Hitler plans to destroy the Jews
6 million Jews killed
another 6 million Gypsies, politicians, homosexuals, and mentally handicapped killed Timeline of Events... 1933- Hitler elected Chancellor of Germany 1933-38: Jewish rights taken away one by one
-Jewish businesses taken
-No Jewish professionals (Dr., teacher, lawyers)
-Forced to carry "Jew" stamped passports
-Forced sterilization/abortion of handicapped 1938: Night of Broken Glass
-First act of violence
-Jewish shops destroyed
-Jews fined for the damages 1939: Hitler makes speeches blaming
Jews for WW1, taking jobs, and
ruining the country 1940: Ghettos Opened
-Jews forced from homes
-Ghettos crowded and filthy
-Holding pen before camps 1941- Mobile Killing Units
-Bullets too expensive
-Vans used to kill Jews with exhaust
-Did not kill fast enough Late 1941: "The Final Solution"
-Work camps become Death Camps
-Death tolls go way up
-Mass graves replaced by Cremation
-Less evidence and less space
1944: Death Marches
-Allied forces getting close to camps
-Camps evacuated to prevent Jews from
being freed by Allied forces
-Jews forced to march 100's of miles
with no shoes/coats during winter
-Thousands die and are left along the road 1945: Hitler commits suicide
-Allied forces surround Hitler in Berlin
-He commits suicide rather than face charges
for his crimes
-Germany Surrenders The Berlin Wall 1989: Communism Falls
1990: So does the Berlin Wall German Chancellor:
Angela Merkel German Cars...um...yes, please... Switzerland Austria Liechtenstein The Alpine Countries European Union (EU) Established in 1993
27 member countries
political and economic organization
creates common laws, taxes & practices
similar to UN but only for Europe North Atlantic Treaty Organizaiont (NATO) NATO is a military committee created between North America and Europe
Created in 1949 after WWII
Basically, it is an alliance that states each member has the others' back if someone starts beef...
NATO now has 28 members from around the world Southern Europe + + = Italian Peninsula What crop is Italy famous for?? Italian Vineyard Everyone kept fighting
over the Iberian Peninsula First Bullies: Phoenicians Second Bullies: The Greeks 3rd Bullies: The Romans 4th Bullies: The Moors Eventually taken back by the original Christian Kingdoms...
still Christian countries today Flamenco Dancing Ever considered running with the bulls
in Pamplona, Spain...think twice... After the bulls reach the arena
the "fight" begins... Avid Sailors from the Middle East Muslim Warriors
from Africa Basque
Country Aristotle Why do you think there are more
statues of Aristotle than pictures/paintings? Alexander the Great King of Macedonia 336-323BC
Commander of the Greek Army
Built one of the largest empires in history
undefeated in battle
military schools still teach/use his tactics Bing... Bang... BOOM... August 15, 1961
1st Wall Built overnight
Barbed wire and concrete dividers
Sunday morning the country was separated Permanent Wall #2 1990: People celebrate
as they reunite Drill used to make the tunnel West-Central
Europe Pyrenees Mtns. Alps
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