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RISD Academy's Enterprise City

No description

Heather Van Houten

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of RISD Academy's Enterprise City

CITY! It's time to work! Free
Enterprise! The Product I should run for Mayor! Enterprise about the City's government and I will elect my City's officials
about the cost of doing business and the cost of being a consumer and citizen
to write a check, use a debit card, and balance my checkbook
to apply for a job To prepare for my day in the city, I will learn... What kind of jobs are there? What are the stores? ...own property,
or start a business... We are all free to... Now, look at this... :) GOOD
or SERVICE Pop Quiz! City apply for a business loan
write store advertisements for the paper and the web
set prices for our goods/services When I get a job, my fellow store employees and I will learn to... Let's take a look at 2011's
Enterprise City! ...in an economy based on the
Free Enterprise System! What's an Economy?
It's a system for producing and distributing GOODS and SERVICES. What's
GOOD? A GOOD is a THING you can buy like shoes, soccer balls and CD's. Oh! Then what's a SERVICE? A SERVICE is WORK that people do for others like a hair stylist, a plumber, or a doctor. It's all about A day in the City will include... a morning meeting and store set-up
shopping time in the morning, at lunch, and the afternoon
a Town Hall meeting
and of course, working at your JOB! Bank E. City Professional Services City Hall Mail Center Gift Shop Radio Station Jewelry Shop Newspaper Photo Shop Print Shop Snack Shop Souvenir Shop TV Station Sports Shop T-Shirt Shop Web Page Design Shop Hey! I could run for Judge! Mayor Judge City manager Police Officer Owner Accountant Attorney President Vice President Tellers File
Clerks Studio manager Accountant Video Photographer Reporter Station Manager Accountant Programmer Ad Agents DJ Reporter Owner
Sales Assistants Owner Accountant Sales Associates Editor Accountant News
Reporter Layout
Printers Ad
Agents Owner Accountant Sales
Assistants Designers Owner Accountant Photographers Technicians Owner Accountant layout
Designer Ad
Agent Reporter Manager Accountant Customer Service Mail Carrier Clerk Owner Accountant Sales Associates Owner Accountant Cashier Cooks Waiters & Waitresses Owner Sales Assistants Accountant Owner Accountant Sales
Assistants Now that I
have a job, and I
have money in the
bank, I want to go
what should
I buy? WELCOME TO THE So, what is Enterpri$e City? It's a mock city that gives you a glimpse of what is like to own a business and earn money. The Best Little City in Texas!
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