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Nobody By: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

No description

Amya Hendrix

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Nobody By: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Nobody By: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Amya Hendrix

I thought the ending was good. I liked how it wasn't a happy ending because few lost there lives. Nix changes from an depressed soul who thought he was nothing and no one cares about him. He changed when he met Clarie. She showed him how to have emotions and to care for each other.

When Nix is shot, Clarie drops to the floor and sobs. She rocks him and repeatedly tells him its going to be ok. Suddenly, a gun shot fired. Clarie squeeze her eyes shut and turned away from Nix. A body dropped to the floor. Which was the boss who had shot Nix. And behind her stood the little Null pointing the gun smiling. This is the turning point because Clarie is madly in love with Nix and he feels the same about her. But its the struggle of losing the one she loves. The only one who can love her.
Nobody are humans who are invisible to everyone except other Nobody.
Claire is a young sixteen year old girl who is invisible. The only people that can see her are other Nobody. She is always ignored by everyone, even her own parents. Claire's parents have to remind themselves that they have a teenage daughter. She goes through life being alone, not making friends, asking questions never being answered. It’s very lonely to feel unforgotten and not even loved or cared about ever. It is a sad feeling having someone look you directly into your eyes and not even notice that you are there because you are invisible. Claire feels like she is made of glass and everyone sees through her. One day Claire's life will change forever when she meets a boy named Nix. . Nix was born a Nobody just like Claire. Nix is an assassin, he was hired by The Society A group to hunt and kill Claire.

Falling Action
She carrys Nix home and he nearly dies, but the Nulls blood stops his bleeding, healing his shot. They stay huddled in the little house safe from the society, protecting Nix siblings.
Rising Action
Nix captures Clarie, still wondering should he kill her to get it over with. But he want to hold on to her because she is the first person of his kind that can see him. So, he decides to keep her. Finding a Null (Nobodys enemy) later on, that gives them important information about the society. The have Nix's unknown little brother and sister training them to be assassins. So he and Claire went to save them and the Nulls daughter that gave them the information. Suddenly Nix get shot along the way.
Everyone has to be loved, even if the rest of the world sees them as nothing.
Dynamic Character
Nix is an assassin set up to kill people. The Society tell him repeatedly that hes nothing, and no ones cares for him. His parents died when his was little. That when the society found him. He is pale, dressing in all black, and has many tattoos to express his sadness and feelings. When he meets Claire, she changes his life. She shows him that being a Nobody is more than killing and sadness. Being in your own world with the one you care about, and the one you truly love.

It matches my Theme because in this
song Katy Perry is describing a
creature she falls in love with. Its very
similar to Nix and Clarie situation,
which is a different kind of love
compared to humans because Claire and Nix are Nobobys.

Safe and Sound

Man vs. Society
Nix and Claire are going against the Society because they have his little brother and sister. The society is training them to be a good assassins like Nix. They call Nix's brother and sister . Nix do not want his siblings to be in the Society, he want them to grow up and be safe. Claire and Nix decides to take matters in their own hands and hunts the Society down to save his little brother and sister.
The mood of this story is paranormal thriller and part romance. The author describes characters as dreadful, and depressing but the way she gives description gave me goosebumps. She explains how Nix is an emotional boy and he feels empty inside. The author describes Claire as being a lonely, teenage girl. Although Nix and Claire may have different personality they both have many things in common they both want to be loved.
Love on top
I chose the song Love on top because Beyoncé is expressing her love.
When she says "Nothing's perfect, but it's worth it after fighting through my tears" Its the same situation Claire went through to be with Nix. This is an happy ending but proud they made it through all the trouble.
I choose Skyfall because this song about the world around them is crumble and bad. The way Claire trys to be brave when the one she loves dieing in her arms. Nix is her world and hes fading into death. Claire and Nix this is the end for them.
Safe and Sound is perfect for the falling action. There in their together in Nix house safe away from the trouble around them. The mood of this song is haunting witch Nix feels about his life. Its a love story but at the same time, the world is destroyed around them.
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