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Teleological Argument

No description

Eric Browning

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Teleological Argument

Teleological Argument
Teleological Argument

When we observe nature, whether on a tiny level or on a grand scale, we can see precision and intentionality, a purpose, and a plan.

The watch, and its watchmaker
Does God Exist?
What is next in this sequence?
History of Argument
Aristotle and Plato - Stars
Thomas Aquinas
William Paley - Natural Theology 1802
Michael Behe
Phillip Johnson
William Dembski
Teleological Breakdown
1. Fine Tuning as Design
2. Information as Design
3. Complexity as Design
What is next in this sequence?
How to make coffee, the right way
Growing and Harvesting
How to make coffee, the right way
Roasting Process
How to make coffee, the right way
Brewing Process
Top Five "Hit List"
Matt. 28:18-20
Acts 1:8
Rom. 10:12-15
What is the chief reason Jesus came to the earth?
John 18:37
Specified Order
Fine Tuning of the Universe
35 Parameters make or break the universe
66 parameters make or break our sun-planet-moon system
1. Strong nuclear force
2. Gravitational force constant
3. Ratio of electron to proton mass
4. Expansion rate of the universe (10 to the 55th)
5. Velocity of light
6. Electromagnetic force constant
1. If the axial tilt of the earth was greater or less, surface temps would be too harsh to support life

2. If the gravity on the surface of the earth were greater, the earth would retain too much ammonia and methane which is poisonous
Breaking News!
Life (mimicking primitive humans) has been discovered on Mars! NASA is currently working to establish communication with these beings.
Does this change anything about how you believe and live?
This would beg the question, where did life on Mars come from? From Earth, or did it start on Mars or somewhere else?

Would not answer anything about the origin of man.

Would point back to the Cosmological Argument that the origin of the universe has a definite beginning

This would not conflict with man's need for salvation
Fine Tuning as Design
Fine Tuning as Design
Fine Tuning as Design
Fine Tuning as Design
Information as Design
Information as Design
Order of things
Information as Design
Some things are the product of randomness and some things are the product of intelligent design
These are natural examples of order that repeat themselves
Types of Order
Unspecified Complexities
Types of Order
Non-repeated and random, as well as naturally occurring
Types of Order
Specified Complexities
Non-repetitive, non-random and not natural.
Contingency is the chief characteristic of information
-William Dembski
Contingency vs. Natural
The answer is NO. There is no information in any of those pictures

There are only ink "squiggles" in each, BUT the reason any of it makes sense is because of the ORDER and this order is born from CONTINGENCY (someone decided what it means)
What is Information?
Communication between two minds. It includes a common language. Without it, we cant communicate.
Is this Communication?
If you gave an unlimited number of typewriters to an unlimited number of monkeys and they randomly typed for as long as it took, and then one day by random chance, they produced a perfect copy of Hamlet, would what they had produced actually be Hamlet?
No, because though the words resemble Hamlet, there was no intention on their part to create it.
Constantly searching for complex strings of signals indicating intelligent intentional communication
DNA contains information
1. Stores and Retrieves information
2. Corrects errors when it copies itself
3. Contains redundant info so that if a gene
mutates it can be turned off so that it does not
cause damage
4.Overlaps so that it can provide information to more than one gene
5. Can be expressed in mathematical terms
6. Has about the same information in it as an encyclopedia volume

Proof that DNA contains information
The best evidence for the information found in DNA is that it was imposed on the DNA by a mind
Information needs an Informer
Things don't just happen randomly and create information. The genetic code had to exist prior to the DNA itself.
Complexity as Design
Irreducible Complexity Argument
Some things are as simple as they could possibly be and yet still function
Take away one part and it would cease to function
An irreducibly complex system was never tweaked or improved upon to reach its current state.
It had to be created and couldn't have come into existence by random chance
What part can be removed and it still function as a mouse trap?
The mousetrap

1. Made up of individual components that 100% rely on each other to function.

2. Successive stages of development never occurred.

3. An inventor conceived it in their mind and created it from scratch.
Irreducible Complexity In Biology
1. Made up of 40 different components
2. Numerous sub-components
3. If any component fails, vision is impaired

Lots of different eyes with different complexities
These are actually lots of different irreducibly complex systems rather than evolved structures
The Eye
The Eye
Just for kicks assuming the eye did evolve, answer these questions.
How did the eye know where and how to connect to the brain?

How did the eye know how to speak a language that the brain would understand and vice versa?

Teleological Argument does not prove Christianity is true, but it does point to purposeful, planned intentional, and precise design by a designer
Therefore Pilate said to Him, “So You are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say correctly that I am a king. For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.”
Fine tuning as design
Camping Trip Update
Current Dates = Palm Sunday
Cost - ~$35-40 a dad

Ceremony - LifeVerse

Introduce Manhood Priniciples
Robbers Cave
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