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Narcissism in Social Media (The Selfie Revolution)

Averi Fletcher and Ross Kesselring explore the negative psychological effects on teenagers of The Selfie Phenomenon. You'll find crazy facts about social media and how to put an end to your own narcissism. (Made at Central Coast New Tech High School)

Averi Fletcher

on 7 June 2015

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Transcript of Narcissism in Social Media (The Selfie Revolution)

Narcissism in Social Media

Events leading up to our revolution:
Social Media connected teenagers
Smartphones allowed teens to access social media anywhere
Image-based social media gained popularity, which begins...
This led to an explosion of Narcissism!
Narcissism: Obsession/ love with oneself or one's physical appearance
How to stop this!
What is the logic behind this?
Are there other ways to follow popular culture?
Is this the true purpose of social media?
Why is this a bad thing anyways?
There is so much more.
It's an addiction
Teens want that sense of false approbation
We crave attention and need to learn to survive on self-encouragement
Teens need real attention
That means actual socializing
Teens are full of themselves
They put down "lesser" people
The addiction makes them need more affirmation
Use social media for its intended purpose,
Studies show that most teens go to social websites to fulfill their perceived needs, but are often disappointed.
That, however, is only a tip of the iceberg.
Just look closer and ...
Find activities that keep you or others away from online media
Learn to appreciate people for who they are, not for their photos.
Encourage yourself/others when they don't take pictures of themselves.
Include them in social gatherings (e.g. parties, reunions, etc.)
Teens are self-conscious and think too much about how they look!
Selfies are all about image
Have you ever been self-conscious?
How did you feel?
Image becomes #1 priority

The Cold Hard Facts
7 Million people check Instagram more than 20 times a day
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There are over 150 million accounts on Instagram.
There are 16 billion photos on Instagram (and counting...)
Roughly 8,500 likes per second

All in all, cut down on the selfies and interact with other humans. Care about others - not only yourself.

Narcissism in social media causes negative psychological effects to occur in teens. It's bad for teen society.
Think of TKAM
Atticus was humble
He tried to implement this in his kids
Ewell was narcissistic
He did not think of others
All the whites put themselves above the African-Americans
The Cold Hard Facts on Selfies
Word of the year
A thousand selfies posted in ten seconds on Instagram
Snapchat has 500 million photos
74% of those are selfies (as of oct.)
Messed-up Perception
Warped perception of yourself
You need to reflect clearly
I am better than everyone!
I am perfect and you are not!
Know Thy Selfie
We need it.
Apple released the first mainstream front-facing smartphone camera
Self-esteem boosters?
No. It gets out of hand.
Any positivity is outweighed by the downsides.
Just remember: Reduce, Rethink, Reflect!
The 3 R's!☻
Stop the selfies.

The origin of the word
Greek mythology
He couldn't look away from his reflection
He died from hunger.
And to thine Selfie be true.
By Ross K. & Averi F.
Let's turn social media around and post the link to this prezi everywhere - Tumblr, Facebook Twitter - and make this revolution a reality!
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