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Agawam, Massachusetts. Location of Six Flags New England

No description

Ben O'Hearn

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Agawam, Massachusetts. Location of Six Flags New England

Agawam, Massachusetts. Location of Six Flags New England
Known as superhero of the sea, he is the king of Atlantis
His abilities include super-strength, durability, super-speed, staying underwater indefinitely, and telepathy, which he uses to communicate with sea-life
The Ride
The Need
In order to build a ride at Flags New England it must be appealing to all family members including children 10 and older. The ride must have a DC Comic theme, have a visual appeal, and include a mid-level intensity.
Explanation of the Design
Submarine that travels in and out of water, attached to rail. Experience a mid level intensity with waves, splashes, and breath-taking scenes of Aquaman's adventures. Mechanical animals, an advanced, modernized submarine that contains 17 seats, all with spectacular views of the underwater world.
Design Goals
Must appeal to family members 10+
Must incorporate a DC Comic theme
Must be visually appealing from all angles and stand out to all viewers
Must be unique in comparison to all other Six Flags rides
The ride must have a mid level intensity
Must not be a roller coaster
Must only utilize 4-6 Six Flags employees
Ride must follow all safety protocol
How Our Ride Fulfills the Need
The aquaman theme and ride is both appealing and safe to all people 10 and older
Aquaman is a current, popular, and unrepresented DC character at Six Flags
The tank and submarine moving at intense speeds gives the ride a strong visual appeal from all angles
The combination of the mechanical sharks, the splashes, and the high speeds work together to give this ride a mid-level intensity
17 people seated per ride
Ride takes 3 minutes, this includes loading and unloading
This makes for 340 people per hour
Amusement Park Adventure: Designing a Ride
Bailey Holland
Julia Callahan
Ricky Silvia
Ben O'hearn

Why Our Design is the Best
Our ride is unique and appealing; who doesn't like submarines?
Starts and ends in same spot - no need for more than 3 workers
Low consumables - uses solar panels on edge of tank
Visually appealing, like a mini ocean in middle of park
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