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Yanesha child in Peru

No description

emilio Pomponi

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Yanesha child in Peru

Yanesha child in Peru
We were running..
I was sleeping when my parents woke me up
and brought me out of
the house.
I heard people screaming and gun shots ,
It was the "milizia
we were running away from the gun shots and explosions.
I couldn't imagine what was going to happen .

While i was running, i looked back only for an instant and i saw the city on fire.
in that moment I thought only that I had lost everything.
i heard my father screaming ,
they had hit my father in the leg.
then the milizia took him away.

My mother gave me her hand , and together we looked for a refuge , when we found it she left me , she tried to act as bait for milizia .

i didn't see her anymore

i waited there for a whole day.
After I took my gun and
tried to Kill Me,
but i realized it was a fake gun, i started crying.

In that moment a stranger man took a picture of me
and He gave me a candy.
This man help me and my people to live a peaceful life .
I owe everything to this person.
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