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No description

Sian Taylor

on 4 June 2014

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Student Services & reception

Reception staff are always happy to help with any queries you have
Sian Taylor
Student Services Manager
you can find Sian in reception
Sian can help you with
-requesting and checking holidays
-visa queries
-payment queries
anything you are not sure of
Susan Noel
Reception Administrator &
Transfers Coordinator
You can find Susan in Reception
Susan can help you with
-general queries about Salisbury
-making payments
-student cards
-airport transfer services
Paige Grinter
Accommodation & Welfare Manager
you can find Paige in the accommodation office
Paige can help you with
-booking and changing your accommodation
-any problems you may have with your accommodation
-any issues effecting your welfare
all welfare issues are delt with confidentially, we will not discuss your private matters with anyone that you do not want us to
Jane Alford
Accommodation Assistant
you can find Jane in the Accommodation Office
Jane can help you with
-booking and changing your accommodation
-any general accommodation questions you have
Social Team
Social Programme Manager
Aaron Burley
you can find Aaron in the Social Centre or the student common room
Aaron can help you with
-booking social activities with Kaplan
-arranging extra social activities for you
-general helpfull information about Salisbury
Academic Team
Anna Robinson
Anna is based in our Torquay school, if you have anything to discuss with the Principal please speak to Julian Lewis
Julian Lewis
Vice Principal
you can find julian in the Principals Office by Reception
Julian can help you with
-any issues you are not comfortable discussing with other staff
-any complaints you may have
Martin Goddard
Director of Studies
you can find Martin in the teachers room
Please ask in reception if you are not sure
Martin can help you with
-any queries about your classes
-any queries about your class level
Daimon Adams
K+ tools teacher
you can find Daimon in the study centre at lunch times 12:45 - 13:30
Room 8
Daimon can help you with
-logging in to K+ tools for your extra lessons
-borrowing any books or films from the school library
Jane Lewis
Exams Officer
you can find Jane in the teachers room
please ask in reception if you are not sure
Jane can help you with
-choosing which exam is for you
-booking exams
-additional exam tuition
Eszter Arvai
Arabic speaking student support
Eszter can help Arabic speaking students with general issues they have
-finding doctors or dentists
-specific issues with learning English and the English alphabet
you can find Eszter in the Teachers Room
please ask in reception
Teaching Staff
Some Social Staff you might see about the school
Travel In

Salisburys bus service can get you from A to B
Student Cards
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