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My Prezume

This is my Prezume for the application of a Prezi U Campus Ambassador

Harsh Banwait

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of My Prezume

I'm a junior at Stony Brook University I'm a part of I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering I live on Long Island, New York Hi, my name is Harshdeep Banwait Stony Brook Motorsports Stony Brook International Student Organization Sikh Student Association My Job as a Digital Media and ePortfolio Consultant Digital Media Assistant ePortfolio Consultant Making Tutorials Implementation Spreading the word Research and Statistics Image/Video Manipulation Work with software like Final Cut Pro, iMovie, GarageBand, Photoshop for various video and image editing purposes Implement the usage of ePortfolios campus-wide, helping students and faculty in ePortfolio development issues. Hold presentations and workshops for students and faculty in creating ePortfolios Plan out ways to research the use and growth of ePortfolios throughout the university and come up with statistics to back up the results Make tutorials for the various video/presentation softwares that I use for the rest of the students and the faculty Assitance to the students and faculty Help the students and faculty with all their image/video software issues First 2 weeks Next two weeks Middle of the month Create a Facebook event about a workshop Making the Prezence felt Spread the word via Facebook, Linkedin and ePortfolios Hold workshops and introduce Prezi and a basic how-to class Gather responses, assist interested Students and Faculty with Prezi presentations/tutorials Why Prezi? Provokes interest and enhances Learning One of the main problems with the existing presentation software is that they are really monotonous and as long as the student/faculty don't enjoy what they do, it doesn't arouse interest and enthusiasm. Everything Online All the work you do is edited and saved online. No need to carry around CD's or flash drives and you have an easy access to all your work anytime, anywhere. Free for Students/Faculty Faculty and students get up to 500MB of free storage for all their presentations and all their work can be made private/public according to what they choose. Contact Me https://www.facebook.com/harsh.banwait http://www.linkedin.com/pub/harshdeep-banwait/21/6a7/672 https://stonybrook.digication.com/harshdeep_banwait MY PREZUME ePortfolio Statistics Students Faculty December 2011 August 2012 About 60 4208 116 About 2500 (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr How we did it? 1. Workshops - Working with the Teaching, Learning and Technology department, we held workshops and made presentations in classes to spread the word about ePortfolios. 2. Online tools - The best way to reach a large audience is through the internet. By advertising through Facebook and Linkedin, making model ePortfolios on Digication and posting links to them. 3. Tutorials - To introduce any idea, one needs a tutorial to help in getting a hang of the software initially, so apart from Digication's own tutorials, we made our version to help students and faculty from Stony Brook Publicizing through ePortfolios, having Linkedin discussions and spreading awareness about Prezi through Facebook Pages TLT Student Workshops Already working at the Teaching, Learning and Technology Department, I can hold free student workshops for Prezi, where any Stony Brook student is eligible to participate. https://tlt.stonybrook.edu/StudentServices/FreeWorkshops/Pages/default.aspx Getting the Faculty involved I work with the Faculty Center at Stony Brook to help implement newer methods of technology in teaching. This way, I will be able to connect with the faculty directly and make them feel the Prezence too Feedback By having signup sheets at my workshop, I'll keep a track of the people that came and would send out emails asking for feedback and suggestions. Focus Groups One of the best ways to know what the people have to say about a certain topic is to gather them in a group and present them a certain number of topics to discuss about the software and making them talk about it. This way one can gather various point of views. My Prezi tutorial -
https://stonybrook.digication.com/stony_brook_eportfolio_showcase/How_to_make_a_Digital_Story_using_Prezi Expected Graduation - May 2014 banwaitharsh@gmail.com
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