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Skyline Exhibitor Source

the "internship"

shawn mitchell

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Skyline Exhibitor Source

Exhibitor Source Our Price Our Place Our Promotion
Our Product
JOHN HAMARI MARC QUINN 20 Calls Per Hour Email used-
invitations to seminar
confirmation of attendance

Seminars Island Displays Scheduled an appointment lead with a client during my call sessions and was able to sell unused Inventory for Exhibitor Source for $1100.oo (mostly signage) Inventory Reduction Sale
Clients can have purchased/rented exhibits shipped in company owned trucks
Pre-show staging
Post-Show staging
- installation and dismantling Warehouses displays for
clients Tradeshows or Conventions:
Type of marketing to promote a company's product
or service. For companies to be able to study competition , trends, and opportunities within an Industry. Very Costly To Exhibit Can be quite a strain on a company's pocket book to use this kind of medium to advertise probably the greatest "intern" of all time Generated 3 "Appointment Leads"
for Sales represenatives . Shawn Mitchell "Ryan the 'temp' " from tv show-
The Office aka
"The Office" the "intern" B2B Marketing & Sales
All Over Tennessee Skyline VS. telephone was used as well to reach all of the different clients. Skyline Skyline Skyline has international subsidaries too! Table Tops Banner Stands can be rewarding for small businesses that need more experience within their industry. Banner Stands Table Tops Tools for our reach Exhibitor Source by Skyline
The Greater Nashville Area
144 Bain Drive
LaVergne, TN 37086
Contact: John Hamari
Phone: 615-287-9800
FAX: 615-287-9727
Email: info@esourcetn.com
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