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Coordinating Conjunctions

Mini Lecture

Laryssa Domingo

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Coordinating Conjunctions

Laryssa Domingo Coordinating Conjunctions Pre-Test Choose the correct coordinating conjunction.

1. The student spoke neither Italian (but/ nor/or) Russian.

2. She tried to learn Arabic, (or/but/so) it was too hard.

3. This morning, I was so tired, (for/so/yet) I took a nap.

4. We have tickets for the game (yet/so/and) the concert.

5. Would you like iced tea (but/or/for) or soda? A coordinating conjunction
joins things of equal value, such as:
*2 or more words

A coordinating conjunction can be used to fix the following grammatical errors: The 7 Coordinating Conjunctions For, And, Nor Conjunction Function F = for
A = and
N = nor
B = but
O = or
Y = yet
S = so For = relationship between things
Ex. I bought a lot of food, for I was hungry.

And = things that are alike or joined together
Ex. I want cookies and milk.

Nor = negative choice
Ex. I do not want cookies nor milk. But, Or, Yet, So But= connect things that are different or separated.
Ex. I want cookies but not milk.

Or= offers a choice
Ex. Do I want cookies or milk?

Yet= in addition to, or despite the first clause
Ex. I want cookies, yet I also want milk.

So= relationship between things
Ex. I want cookies, so I baked some. *Main clauses
Place a comma before the coordinating conjunction, joining the 2 main independent clauses
Ex. While I am at work, my dog sleeps on the bed, and my cat naps on the floor.

Item 1, Item 2, coordinating conjunction + Item 3.
Ex. At the store, I bought eggs, milk, and juice.

Do not use semicolons with coordinating conjunctions such as and, or, and but when joining 2 main clauses. Use a comma.
Ex. It was snowing outside, and Jenn wondered if classes were canceled. Post Test Works Cited Punctuation *Comma splices
*Run on sentences Choose the correct word. 1. Lee did not feel well, (so/yet/and) she attended all of her classes.
2. Emma did well on her chemistry test, (but/so/for) she studied for hours the night before.
3. Mallory is majoring in Pharmacy (nor/or/and) minoring in Leadership Studies. State if and how you should change the punctuation. 4. My philosophy, writing and sociology papers are due next week.
5. Christmas break is approaching, and I am excited to go home. http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/ http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=coordinating-conjunctions-quiz http://www.chompchomp.com/terms/coordinatingconjunction.htm
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