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MSU Career Center SOAR 2011

No description

Valerie Turner

on 29 February 2012

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Transcript of MSU Career Center SOAR 2011

? But
are you WHERE GOING? What's your major? What career do you want? What are you going to do? Missouri State
has more than
150 majors That's Okay! of them will change their major This is a time to EXPLORE AND WONDER AND WANDER AND DISCOVER But we want you to "Wander Wisely" Take the time to discover who you are
what you like (and dislike)
what you're good at
what's important to you Which came first? chicken egg Which came first? 1. Select a major
2. Decide on a career OR 1. Decide on a career
2. Select a major Either Way is Perfectly Okay major career It's not a straight line. Major Career So how do you "Wander Wisely"? who you are
what you like (and dislike)
what you're good at
what's important to you How do you find out GET INVOLVED TALK TO PEOPLE other students
job shadowing and information interviews USE THE CAREER CENTER TAKE ASSESSMENTS IN THE CAREER CENTER Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Strong Interest Inventory
Work Values
Skills Assessment TAKE A CAREER CLASS RESEARCH CAREERS ONLINE Occupational Outlook Handbook
for what you want to do? Marine biologist? Not in the desert What is the starting salary? Realistic ^ Will you need additional education/certification beyond the bachelor's degree? MAKE A DECISION Make a list of the occupations that interest you. Learn about each option. Evaluate pros and cons. Narrow down the options. GET EXPERIENCE internships
volunteer experiences
part-time work Career planning is a journey—
not a destination. And the
wants to help you
in your journey. VISIT OUR WEBSITE careercenter.missouristate.edu MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with a career resources specialist
417-836-5636 AT LEAST ONCE / ~ Katharine Brooks Music:
"Test Drive"
by Zapac campus activities
student organizations
Greek life
sports & intramurals
volunteering in the community
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