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yellow fever

No description

britt gab

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of yellow fever

Double click anywhere & add an idea Yellow Fever! Where does it come from? how do i know i have it? I have it !!!! what do i do now?? this horrid disease is born in the exclusive topical parts of Africa and south america! jaundice!! oh noo whats causes it!!! Aedes aegypti mosquito if symptoms are severe call 911!!!!! write down the sysmptoms you've been having describe your international trip in detail history other names jungle yellow fever Sylvatic yellow fever Urban yellow fever
vomito nergro yellow jack outbreaks west africa south America yellow fever has been around since 541 in various countries and it was known as the yellow plague. Carlos Finlay from Cuba was the first to hypothesis that the disease was transmitted from a mesquito but Walter Reed was the person to prove the therory this mosquito is the carrier of the disease. if bitten from an effected one it will transmit the diesease to you The disease is very common in tropical areas. specialy Africa what does it affect? Cardiovascular system - the heart integumentary- jaundice of the skin nervous system- seizures progess report?!?! as the diseas progresses throught the body the pluse weakens and bloddy urnine will apear. and the eventually all of the symptoms becomes present treatments of the disease prevention restrain from going to topical areas being immunize cure vs.recurrence once you have catch you'll become immune to it there is noo antiviral medication for yellow fever!!! scary.. lasting affect ... kidney damage..
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