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Shaun Cassidy

No description

Brodie Melanson

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Shaun Cassidy

Shaun Cassidy Biography Interesting Facts THE END!!! Shaun Cassidy was born in Los Angeles, California on September 27, 1958. He is an American pop singer, telivision producer/creator, screenwriter and an actor. He is the eldest son of Academy award winning actress, Shirley Jones and Tony award winning actor Jack Cassidy. His half-brother, David Cassidy, is a famous singer as well. Genre/Instrumentation The genre Shaun Cassidy sings is pop rock. Pop rock is a mix a pop and rock music, it is usually made with guitar-based songs. He has made 50 songs from A Girl Like You to You Still Surprise Me. Shaun Cassidy can play the piano and the guitar. I hoped you enjoyed it! I thought I'd end it off with a video :) Since 1958 Shaun Cassidy formed his first band when he was just 11! He had his first U.S. hit in 1977, called Da Do Ron Ron.

His father tragically died in 1976, December 12, during a fire at his Hollywood apartment.

Shaun Cassidy also starred in a television show called The Hardy Boys Mysteries with Parker Stevenson. They played Joe and Frank Hardy, the sons of an investigator. They also act as teenage investigators as well.
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