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Computer networking

No description

Eva Rivadulla

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Computer networking

-What is a network
-Types of networks
-A communication protocol
-IP adress
Computer networking
There are 4 different types of networks:

LAN:(Local area network)
All computers are in the same place. Is the
smallest connection.
Connection: Wifi and by cable
MAN (Metropolitan area network)
It connects different buildings in the same city. It´s bigger than the LAN.
Connection: It uses regular cable, optical fiber or wireless.

WAN (Wide area network)
-WANs are a lot of MANs together.
The network that exceeds the 30 miles is considered MAN network.
WLAN (Wifi local area network)
-Radio waves are used to carry information from one point to another without physical media guide. It sends documents, not only pictures or videos.
Is a flexible wireless communication system, it is used as an alternative to local area networks wired.
IP Address

There are two tipes of IP adresses:
-Dynamic IP: give us the information automatically.
Protocol is connected to the server and the server gives
an IP address. It can be the same or different the next time you connected.
-Fixed IP: it never change is always the same.
Subnet mask numbers: 225 computers can be connected together.
-IP adress numbers: the last number indicates the number of computers in the network.
The second identifies the network.
They are the rules that computers have to follow
so they can comunicate.
Communicating systems use well-defined formats for exchanging messages. Each message has an exact meaning intended to provoke a particular response of the receiver.
TCP/IP Protocol
What is a communications protocol?
Stores the received packets and processes the information source and destination they have.
It is a device that provides connectivity at the network level or third level in the OSI model. Its main function is to send or route data packets from one network to another.
A computer network, also called network of computers, data communications network or computer network is a set of hardware and software connected together by means of physical devices that send and recive electrical signals in order to share information.
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