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Habit 4: Think Win-Win

No description

Natalie Nguyen

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Habit 4: Think Win-Win

Habit 4: Think Win-Win
Win-Win is a frame of mind that says, "If I can win, so can you." It's not about you or me, it's both the both of us. It's both nice and tough.
It's the kind of attitude that says, "I won't step on you, but I won't let you step on me either."

Win-Win is the way to succeeding by helping others succeed too.
Success is abundant, meaning that there's enough to go around.
Habit 4:
Think Win-Win
By: Dev, Vivian, Natalie, Mareena
4 Attitudes
There are 4 attitudes towards life:
Win – Lose is an attitude towards life that says, "the more success I get, the less success the other person will get." Win – Lose is competitive and full of pride. With a win – lose attitude friendships, relationships, and loyalty aren't as important as winning.
But in the end you must know that with this attitude you may be on top of the totem pole, but you will be there alone without anybody.
Lose-win is when you as a person step back and let others step ahead of you.

You agree with what others say and ignore your own opinion.
Lose-Win says "Have your way with me. Wipe your feet on me. Everyone else does."

Lose-Lose is a situation in which you are failing in doing something and you bring down others as well. By doing so not only do you fail, but you let others fail as well.
"The Totem Pole"
"The Doormat"
"The Downward Spiral"
"The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet"
Habit 4 is a way to think win-win,
Don't think of losing, just throw that thought in the bin.
While others succeed you can too,
Don't lose and bring others down, people will look down on you. Competing against others won't make you a bad person,
It will, however, just make your personality worsen.
Don't be failing and letting others win,
Pick yourself up, try again and put on a grin.
Think Win-Win will make you happy and others will be too,
Succeeding together is better, do you get the clue?
Let's end off by saying habit 4 is the way to go,
Think win-win is the better way of succeeding, just go with the flow.
• use other people, emotionally or physically, for their own selfish purposes
• try to get ahead at the expense of others
• become jealous and envious when something good happens to someone else
• seek revenge
• desire to win at ALL costs
• are obsessed with others in a negative manner
• set low expectations for themselves
• have low self-esteem and never consider themselves worthy or good enough
• give in to peer pressure
• are happy when others succeed
• help others succeed
• are willing to share recognition with others
People with this attitude usually...
People with this attitude usually...
People with this attitude usually...
People with this attitude usually...
How to Think Win-Win
There's two key ways to help you think win-win:
1. Win the Private Victory First
2. Avoid the "Tumor Twins"
So first of all, what is a private victory?
A private victory is what you win out of situations no matter how it turns out.
What are the "Tumor Twins"?
The "Tumor Twins"
There are two "tumor twins" which are competing and comparing. The reason they are called the "tumor twins" is because they are habits that, like tumors, can slowly eat you away from the inside. With these two habits it is impossible to Think Win – Win.
Competition is extremely healthy. It drives you to improve, to reach, and to stretch.

Without competition you would never know how far we can push yourself. But competition also has a bad side; it becomes bad when you tie your self-worth to winning, or when you use it as a way to place yourself above others.
Comparing yourself to others is almost always harmful.

You're all on different development timetables – socially, mentally, and physically.
Measuring your life based on how you stack up to others is always a bad idea. The only good comparison is comparing yourself against your own potential.

This victory begins with you.

Winning the private victory is difficult for those who are extremely insecure because they’re threatened by other people’s successes.

A person who takes responsibility for their life, gets a plan in place, has confident and security it will lead them to a private victory.

Having personal security is the base of thinking Win-Win.
Win the Private Victory First
The Results of Thinking Win-Win
The Fruits of the Win-Win Spirit
•The Win-Win spirit is
when two people work together and both win
. The Win-Win spirit can be applied to any situation.
•Sometimes there is no Win-Win situation!

When a Win-Win situation can't be found then you can say No deal.
•No deal is when you decide not to play.
Watch How it Makes You Feel
Developing a win-win attitude is NOT easy
but you can do it by thinking win-win 10% of the time, then 20% and slowly think win-win more and more. Eventually, this will become a habit and you won't even have to force yourself to think about it.
Like all habits, it'll become a part of who you are.
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