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Review for Geometry Finals

Created By Camryn, Tyler, and Tony

Tony Nipert

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Review for Geometry Finals

Geometry Finals Review!!! Lesson 10.2 Lesson 6.4 Lesson 10.4 Lesson 10.3 By Camryn, Tyler, KJ And Tony Review for lessons 6.3, 6.4, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 Lesson 6.3 In this lesson, we learned about 5 helpful conjectures
about circle angles.
Inscribed angles intersecting arcs conj.
Angles inscribed in a semicircle conj.
Inscribed angles conj.
Cyclic quadratic conj.
Parallel lines intercepted arcs conj.
These help you to figure out measures and lengths of arcs and measures of shapes inside the circle. In this Lesson, we learned the formula for the volume
of prisms and cylinders.
Conj. A
Conj. B
Conj. C
This is very important because you now know how to figure out volume. You know the formula and it is very simple to remember.
V=BxH B is the area of the base and H is the height of the object. This works for any prism or cylinder! Conj. A, B, C basically say the same thing, In this lesson, we find out how to get
the volume of pyramids and cones
using 2 simple conjectures.
Volume of pyramid=1/3 BxH
Volume of Cone=1/3 BxH
These are easy to remember and will
always work
You can figure out the area of a regular
polygon by using 1/2ap Lesson 10.4 is basically a review of
lesson 10.3, it reminds you how to
figure out the volume of a triangular
prism, cone, rectangular prism, and
Volume of Trianglular prism=1/2 BxH
Volume of cone=1/3 BxH
Volume of Rectangular prism=BxH
Volume of cylinder=BxH In this lesson, we learned how to
prove things about circles using
the helpful conjectures in lesson
6.3. It reminds you how to do a
flow chart proof also.
You can use any conjecture for these
including the 5 we learned last lesson.
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