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Potato and Lemon Power

No description

phoom suksirivacharuk

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Potato and Lemon Power

By phoom and Junior Potato and Lemon Power 5c Thai chinese International School Question: Potato or Lemon has more electricity Research Potato like lemon they have eletricity that can make very small light bulb have a light
Potato have 0.5 volts(small potato) and lemon have no volt
Metal and copper is condutor.
Potato and lemon together is 1 volt

Potato and lemon have a little bit of acid that have eletricity Independent variable Change from lemon to banana Dependent Variable What last the longest Constants Type of light bulb
typ of wire
Time when test
time when buy materials Hypothesis If we stick wire into the potato or lemon and the other end with the light bulb then the potato will have longer than because potato have more energy than lemon Materials 3 Potato
3 Lemon
2 Wire
2 LED light bulb
2 Stop watch
2 Sheet of copper Materials • 2 LED light bulbs
• A sheet of copper
• Insulated wire
• 3 potato
• 3 lemon
• 2 stop watch
• 2 stripes of zinc

Procedure 1.Stick wires into the middle of the lemon and potato.
2.Stick the light bulb into another end of the wires and immediately start timing the stop watch.
3.Wait until one of the light bulbs stops producing light and immediately turn off stop watch that is timing on that fruit or vegetable.
4.Do all these steps two more times.
5.Calculate the average time for the lemon and potato
Data/Observations Conclusion Our data does not support our hypothesis because we predict that potato will have more electricity but the lemon has more electricity. Reflection I will change the type of light bulbs and wires because LED light bulb use lots of more electricity and the wires did not work well when we do the experiment. I will change from the question “potato or lemon has more electricity?” to “strawberry or lemon has more electricity?” Reference List http://www.ehow.com
The End
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