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No description

Brittney Farmer

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Japan


Area:145,883 square miles(377,835)
Sumo wrestlers stamp on ground before each
This is the location of Japan.
Thank you
Form of Goverment:
Reasouses website
Kidfriendlyseach.com/Social_Studies.htm and List of countries of the world.
Journey into Japan by:Joe Fullman.
Japan in pictures by:Robert V. Masters.
The whooper swan is a bird that spends its winters in Japan and migrates. The large white
Japanese families traditionally sit on the floor
This is a picture of a house in Japan
Constitutional monarchy with
parliamentary goverment
Official Language
Money :Japanese yen
Capital:Tokyo Population:
around a low table to eat their meals
May 5th is Children's Day in Japan a national
holiday to celebrate children
On a school trip Japanese children will often
wear brightly colored caps so that they can
easily be seen by drivers and their teachers
Facts about Japan
Major Mountains Ranges: Japanese Alps
Major Rivers:Biwa, Inwashiro,Kasumigaura,
Japan has over 60 active volcanoes
bout to try and scare off their opponets
Judo wrestlers wear a white uniform known as
a judogi
bird's spots are black and it's bill is yellow,
with a wing span of 7 feet. These birds spend
most of their time in lakes, marshes, and fields
that are flooded.
This is their country's flag
This is some sushi from Japan
This is what their city looks
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