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The Cinderella Curse

No description

Mason Kaiser

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of The Cinderella Curse

This Prezi Was Made By Mason Kaiser If Your a Jordan You Should Read This Book!!! THANK YOU FOR

IS ON ...

''THE CINDERELLA CURSE'' Main Characters ~ Cindy
~ Lexi
~ The Witch
~ Jeff
~ Prunella
~ Stratasha
~ Stepmother By JJ.Pen The Setting The Setting is in New York City
it takes place on the Statue of
Liberty and Central Park it also takes place in
local produce stores but they are mostly walking on the street. The Genre The Genre is non fiction.

I also give this book ***** STARS I Recomend this book to all girls My Book Report This Next Video is A Clip From The Movie Cinderella....

P.S. The Mice Are Very Cute Sumary Once there was a girl named Cindy,
short for Cinderella. She got that name from sitting in the cinder ashes to warm her feet. Her father died so she is now in the hands of her stepmother. That is where Cinderella sees her stepmothers true colors as well as her two daughters Pruenella and Stratasha. Until Cindy meets Jeff and..... well i can't tell you . READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT! Figurative Language The figuritave language in my book was very vivid.

''The sisters were as green as asparagus''
That is an example of a Simile...
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