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The Grimm Legacy

No description

Carly Carpino

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of The Grimm Legacy

By: Polly Shulman The Grimm Legacy Main Characters: The main character of the Grimm Legacy is Elizabeth, whose perspective the book is told from. Other main characters, though, include the other pages, Anjali, Marc, and Aaron. Finally, I would count the head of repository, Dr. Rust, and Anjali's little sister Jaya as other main characters. Setting: The setting of The Grimm Legacy is in New York City around present time.
The mood set in this book is pretty ominous, because there are people stealing magic from the repository and a large bird attacking pages. Elizabeth tells the story, sharing her point of view for the entire thing. Therefore, the story was told in first person.
It was Elizabeth's view on the world, though, that made the book very interesting for me. For example, you can tell from her actions, how she tells the story, and her views, that she is extremely kind. This shows when she gives her gym sneakers to a homeless woman who was walking around in the snow with cereal boxes on her feet. Point of View: New York City Plot: The plot in this book was that somebody was
taking magical items out of the respitory and
replacing them with nonmagical items. At the
time, a large bird has been witnessed flying around
the respitory and rumored to have snatched on of
the pages up.
The plot thickens as there begin to be arguements
between the pages. Marc is "borrowing" the seven
league boots, a highly magical item, without
officially checking them out. After Elizabeth gets involved with switching out the boots, Aaron urges her not to continue, or she might get in trouble. This causes tension between the pages while they should have been working together to find the magic theif. Theme: The Seven League Boots A definite theme that showed up multiple times throughout the book was working together. Many times it seemed like that there was no solution that they could ever find to the thefts, and there was nothing they could do about it. However, after they overcame their differences, they were able to work together and solve the mystery. For example, Aaron never liked Marc at all. He suspected Marc of the thefts for a long time, and because of that, had a grudge against him that wouldn't go away even when they proved Marc innocent. However, Aaron still helped Marc and Elizabeth to use the shrink ray machine and get into the Grimm Collection.

The theme of working together showed up again during a quiet scene with Elizabeth and Anjali hanging out at Anjali's house. They are entering data into a spreadsheet program and looking at the results. They are not finding much and then Jaya, Anjali's loud and sometimes annoying sister barges into her room and insisted to work with them. Elizabeth welcomes Jaya, much to Anjali's dismay, but they were able to all work together and begin to notice a few patterns. This shows the theme of working together that pops up multiple times in the book. Work Together!
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