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Conceptualize & Initialize Project

No description

Abir AL-Harrasi

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Conceptualize & Initialize Project

Conceptualize & Initialize Project
Develop Project
Charter & Plan

Execute & Control

Close Project
Evaluate Project
Business Case
Project Charter & Plan
Final Project Report &

Project Evaluations & Lesson Learned
Information System
Customer Relationship Management System
Organization Background and Structure
Information Technology Authority (ITA)
The Digital Society Development Division
Government Software Licenses Team
responsible for selling Microsoft and Oracle Licenses to governmental institutions
Providing software licenses
Main Business Activity
The bridge between:
Governmental institutions & Microsoft and Oracle
Operational Problem
Using the manual work in paper-based and excel sheets
Consumes time and requires more effort
Problems in terms of counting the invoices and generating reports
Affects their overall productivity and causes overloading problems
Alternative 1: On-premise CRM
Alternative 2: Hosted CRM
Alternative 3: Vtiger CRM
(Free and Open Source Solution)
Project Charter
Project Plan
Project Scope
Project Schedule & Milestones
Project Cost
Project Quality Management
Project Risk Management
This project will focus on delivering a Customer Relationship Management System which is built using Free and Open Source Solution. This system will be developed only to facilitate the communication between the Licenses Development Team and government institutions in Oman.
Scope Statement:
Out of Scope:
This system will not include social media integration.
Total: 62,935 R.O
SWOT Analysis
Project Evaluation
Individual Performance Review
Postmortem Review – Between Project Manager and Project Team
Review the project scope, schedule, budget, and quality objectives.
Review each of the project deliverables
Lessons Learned
Team Dynamic
Time management
Avoid conflicts
Decision making
Cost strategy
Managing Customer Relationships
Project Purpose or Justification
Project Description
Project and Product Requirements
Acceptance Criteria
Initial Risk
Quality Planning
Quality Assurance
Quality Control
Develop a web-based Customer Relationship Management System which includes the following menus:
1. Tools: Recycle Bin, Our sites, Integration, Mail manager, Comments, and Calendar.
2. Support: Project milestones, Project tasks, and Projects.
3. Analytics: Reports.
4. Sales: Invoices, Sales order, Purchase order, and Quotes.
5. Inventory: Vendors, Products list
6. Integrated Mail
7. Contacts.
8. Import – Export excel sheets.
Scope Statement:
Out of Scope:
This system will not include social media integration.
Technical Feasibility
Economic Feasibility
Operational Feasibility
Current System Analysis
To decrease the work load by 75% and reach 25% more deals
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