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Digestive System

No description

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Digestive System

Digestive System
by Hannah Feng, Trevor McNeil, and Porter Brown
a.k.a. Mouth
2 Structures w/ helpers
mouth esophagus
contains the EPIGLOTTIS
delivers food to stomach
by means of PERISTALSIS
lower esophageal SPHINCTER
food storage tank
proteins peptides amino acids
Large Intestine
Small Intestine
a.k.a. Colon
4 parts
3 Functions
last part
surrounded by sphincters
Pancreatic Duct
pancreas common bile duct
Pancreas and gall bladder with ducts
Common Bile Duct
common hepatic & cystic duct
Digestive system diagram showing duct locations
Cystic Duct
btwn gallbladder & common bile duct
Anatomy of small intestine
Hepatic Duct
part of biliary tract
Anatomy of liver showing gallbladder, common bile duct, and hepatic duct
Anatomy of large intestine and rectum
Intestinal Transplants
4 types
Anatomy of alimentary canal with accessory organs
Current Research
smoking majorly harms digestive system
Oral Cavity
3 Segments
3 major organs involved
Anatomy of liver, gallbladder, and ducts
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