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Animal Abuse

No description

Cammi Ochs

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is an international concern that almost all countries face. It is our goal to start small,
with Western North Carolina, and expand the the mission of Laws For Paws.
Our Goal
Animal Abuse
Social Aspect
Most countries frown upon the mistreatment of animals, but certain countries and religions use sacrificial deaths of animals to represent holidays or religious events.
By: Casey Brewer
Amber Detwiler
Taylor Hopkins
Blake Kinsey
Cammi Ochs
The Science Behind It
Animal abuse can be as simple as not providing food or water, or as complex as the torture of the animals.
The Costs
Chuckie and Rusty
"We want to remind folks that it’s okay to be a concerned and helpful neighbor, especially when innocent lives are at risk."
He was chained up for most of his life.
She was part of a hoarding situation.
"We'd gotten a call that some kids were using a homeless dog as target practice for their BB guns. When I found him, he was cowering in some brush, afraid to move. He was hurt, hungry and so scared; the poor little guy, I felt so sorry for him."
Interview with Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Johnson volunteers regularly at Charlie's Angels, an animal shelter in Fletcher.
Interview with Ben
Ben is a volunteer coordinator at Brother Wolf animal shelter in Asheville.
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These days, animal abuse has become a way for people to take out anger and frustration on the less fortunate, which in this case is the animals.
Three of the five most notorious serial killers had traces to animal abuse at a young age. This ranged from throwing objects at dogs, to trapping cats in cardboard boxes and shooting them with a bow and arrows.
The human mind works in a way that causes it to mimic the situations around it. When children, or even adults are around animals in pain, their mind will pick this up. They become more despondent and will react less harshly to animal abuse when they encounter it later on.
In some parts of the United States, dog fighting and chicken fighting are popular events that hold a certain respect and are considered everyday events to the participants and spectators.
Our Solution
Forty-eight dogs were found when the situation was reported and ten dogs were already adopted.
His family moved, leaving him behind. Eventually a neighbor found him.
Q: Are there any animals that have been abused at Charlie's Angels?
A: There is one dog... his name is Lucas. He's really hesitant right now. We can't say for sure if he was abused. But he's really shy.
Q: Has animal cruelty made an impact on you?
A: It has... I quit eating meat because of it.
Q: What do you do if you find an animal that's being abused?
A: You would report it to the Humane Society and to the police. Rules are different in different counties.
Q: Why do you think people abuse animals?
A: I believe because they're ignorant. They haven't been raised to treat others kindly. Some of them will look at it and say "it's just an animal".
Q: Do you think people that abuse animals could be linked to having mental disorders?
A: No. I think some people are just cruel... Could there be a link? Yes, but I would put that at the very far end...
Q: Do you think it's true that criminals abuse animals before they abuse people?
A: Some of them yes... think about Michael Vick... He's never abused anybody. He's never killed anybody, but yet he ran dog fighting... That's culture too... In the African American community, dog fighting is very common. If you go into the Latino community, chicken fighting is very common... And I think that just leads to education.
Q: What would your organization, Charlie's Angels, do with the $100,000?
A: Definitely would campaign for legislation... If you don't have laws it doesn't matter... Also work towards spaying. That's huge.
Q: If you were given $100,000 towards what would you do with it?
A: I would spend that money on getting more trainers in here to help these animals that were neglected or abused... To help rehabilitate them so they can be adopted... You could do campaigns and ads about how to treat animals properly.
Q: How do you deal with animals that come into Brother Wolf that may have been abused?
A: It's really challenging for us because those animals are going to have behaviors that are going to need to be modified in some way for them to be able to be adopted... It could be that they're very fearful... Often the opposite of that happens too where they may be more aggressive... Some animals who haven't been fed very well... if they get food they're not going to let anyone near it.
Q: What should people do when they see an animal being abused?
A: If you see an animal being abused in this area, you're supposed to contact the Buncombe County Animal Control... In my opinion... I would hope that you could talk to your neighbors... Especially people who leave their dogs chained outside all day... They might not realize that is abusive or neglectful.
With the $11,500 left over, plus the money we get from donations at the event, we will host another event in Asheville. This will hopefully spread the news about Laws for Paws. If N.C. citizens come together on the issue of animal abuse we can get laws passed/changed and make N.C. a better place for everyone including all the animals.
"Reported abuse against pit bull-type dogs appears to be on the rise: in 2000–2001, pit bull-type dogs were involved in 13% of reported dog-abuse cases; in 2007, they were involved in 25% of reported dog-abuse cases."
"71% of domestic violence victims report that their abuser also targeted their animal"
The Math Behind It
State Ranking
"Study results indicated only 28% of horse owners have an annual household income of more than $100,000; nearly half earn $25,000-75,000; and 34% earn less than $50,000."
"The cumulative daily expenses of horse ownership, which reach a minimum of $2,500-3,600 per year in addition to stabling, impact an owner's disposable income significantly."
The History Behind It
Animal Liberation, a book written in 1975 by philosopher Peter Singer noted that though different, animals have rights just like humans.
This picture,
The Second Stage of Cruelty - Coachman Beating a Fallen Horse
, made in 1771 was made by William Hogarth depicting the beating and prodding of various domesticated animals.
Commercial (30 seconds on local news station)
Host an event for awareness
Newspaper ads/stories
Online ads
This is a rabbit being used for a draize test.
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