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Welcome to Nickelsville

No description

PDC Nickelsville

on 17 October 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Nickelsville

Containers allow for easy transport
Hexayurt homes provide inexpensive insulated homes
Layout enables community

Currently available:
solar panels for cell phone charging

propane for gas grill
gasoline for generator to back up solar
So much for Honey Bucket!
Yes, it rains here... a lot
Showering like the French
Dirty, soapy water? No problem, let's reuse it!
Budget: partnership building, in kind donations, volunteer hours

Thank you!
Our Mission
Welcome to Nickelsville
Your new home, or temporary residence, while you get back on your feet awaits you!
Food for our community
Empower the residents of Seattle's Nickelsville homeless encampment to strengthen their community and foster self-sustainable practices that will help them meet basic human needs.

Foundation Building
Internal Community
Arts, Crafts, & Beauty

Connects Homeless Community to Community at Large
Foundation building
Lily Yeh's Philadelphia project before
Lily Yeh's Philadelphia project After
What's Here?
Painted Murals & Tile Mosaics Outside & Inside- shipping containers, tiny houses, composting toilets, water catchment containers, fences
Painted and/or Tile Sculptures Outside
Knitted Crafts: hats, mittens, scarves
Eco-Jewelery, Handbags, Sculptures, Baskets and Belts from weeds like stinging nettles, thistles, and cattails
Beauty is a Basic Need
NW EcoBuilding Guild
Dunn Lumber
Local general contractors
Chip Drop
King Conservation District’s Manure Match Program
Internal Community
Community Agreement
Time bank
A Cornerstone of our Community
Cordage made from local plant fibers
Tile Mosaic
Creates Jobs, Goods to be Sold, & Income
Art Empowers People
"Creating art in forlorn and forsaken places is like making fire in the frozen darkness of the winter's night. It brings light, warmth, hope, and it beckons people to join in."
-Lily Yeh
Enter, MONEY Bucket
(b/c we saved so much
Food for ourselves
Beauty for all!
solar panels to provide 2 LED lights & cell phone charger to each unit

solar lights for the paths
wind generator to back up and supplement the solar panels
solar hot water heaters
Composting Toilet Installation
Grey water
Regular Garbage
solar heaters
= $13,000
Urine diversion
Human Waste
Create portable paradigm
Foster self-reliance as first step
Reduce waste and create opportunity
Add infrastructure to harvest yields

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